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  1. I havent posted on here for a long time, but a quick update, molly laid 7 eggs. So far 3 have hatched, 1 we had to chuck because she had kicked it aside and let it go cold. We candled it and it wasnt fertile. The first baby is starting to get pin feathers and has the eyes open. Baby 2 we are a bit worried about, it has a little lump on the back of its head like a little skin tag. It is developing like normal though. Any ideas? Baby 3 is also going well. The next baby is due to hatch later today. They have been hatching late at night so when we get up in the morning there is a new baby. So 3 eggs remain, I am hoping they all hatch. Molly is very protective this time around, even when I feed them in the morning she starts squarking her head off.
  2. We now have 4 eggs with another due today. Molly has been in the nestbox since she laid the first. There is still fresh egg poo so expecting more. Mickey has also been in the box, my daughter thought it was hilarious and was worried he would get stuck because he is so big. :laughter:
  3. hi everyone, I have paired mickey up with molly after close to a year of non success with other hens. I think I have duds. After 21/2 weeks of being together we have 3 eggs so far.!! I am so happy because I really wanted to breed mickey, he is beautiful and has been so keen and I know molly is a great mum. Also this is my last breeding for a while as my husbands job is no longer secure. I am hoping for healthy beautiful babies
  4. I am getting a clearwing hen soon from nubbly5 and have been considering joining a club and having a go at breeding some to show(maybe it's all a bit scary) I have pet types at home and have been breeding since last year. My question is what in the show world would be best with a skyblue clearwing? I have a lot to learn about genetics I know and everything else but any help would be appreciated
  5. the baby is all good, he is actually running around the cage now and flapping his wings like crazy again. There is no sign that anything was ever wrong thank goodness. I guess I am just going to have to get used to these things. My dad put it a good way because I was worried about getting them out again in case they flew and got hurt(dumb I know) but he said it is like a child learning to walk, they will fall but need to get up and do it again.
  6. at the moment the baby is managing to put more pressure on it's leg and even grabbing on to my hand. I think things are looking up. I have had the dad in the cage with it to top it up and removed him again. One of the other babies is in with it as they always snuggle up together so I thought it would help with warmth etc. I am hoping it is just a sprain, I will see how it is in the morning. Does this happen a lot when they are learning to fly?
  7. one of my chicks had the same problem, however it did not grow at all. It lasted 2 weeks of me hand feeding it and there were times where it was getting quite strong. Unfortunately it did pass away. I hope your little one has more luck.
  8. unfortunately today one of my chicks tried to fly and now has hurt it's leg and possibly it's wing. It is managing to put some pressure on it's leg and stretching it's wing. I have an appointment at the avian vet tomorrow but just wondering if there is anything I can do for it for now? It is in a separate cage being kept warm at the moment
  9. all the babies are doing great, they are all starting to eat the seed on the bottom of the cage, they started jumping out of their box a week ago, so I put a container in the bottom of the cage for them,they love it and wander around heaps. A couple have started to squark at each other. here are some pics snuggles is the yellow and green one, any thoughts on colours? I think they are grey wings, only some and snuggles yf? there is another one that has same colours as snuggles, and others have bright violet, blue and sea green/blue. Two of the blues have colour through their wings.The ones with normal wing markings, the black actually looks dark brown I think I have mainly hens I cant tell which ones are the fosters.
  10. here are some new pics of my babies, snuggles, the eldest is a real show pony!! They are not the best cause I need a new camera.
  11. unfortunately today my little baby died we tried so hard to save it but in the end was not able to. It lasted longer than I thought, and with each day we had a bit more hope. My girls and I are about to have a funeral for it because they are so upset and want to say goodbye to their sugar. The other babies are doing well. They are in with tommy only as molly was looking a bit under the weather and they were mating again. I didnt want another round from her just yet. He is doing so well and I am just topping them up occasionly. They are coming out with some really lovely colours now.
  12. here are some new pics of 2 of the babies. They are a bit blurry, I am hoping for a new camera for christmas. If anyone can tell what sex they are or what they may turn out like would be great.
  13. I am glad to report all is well here with 7 little babies cheeping non stop and growing well. All but the little one. Baby 7 who didnt hatch on its own still isnt growing much however it is still alive, still eating, and actually standing and moving around. It is quite cute as it is still the size of a few days old baby!! I have been adding one of the bigger babies in with it during the day to keep it company and help it stay warm. It seems to enloy this and follows the bigger one around when it moves. All the other babies have a lot of colour now, I cant wait to see what they end up like. Some are getting a bit too curious though and like to stand on the edge of the box and peep out!!
  14. update - the last baby to hatch is still alive, but I am very worried about it. It seems every time between feeds it's crop fills up with air. It is still very small but still active. Molly wasnt coping very well with the babies and not feeding them properly or keeping them warm, so after trying a few things I have separated 3 of her babies and am hand feeding them with the little one, and left her with 3. This seems to have worked as she is now feeding and their crops are always full. :feedbirds: Eldest baby is getting more feathers. There is another one showing yellow pin feathers and a few showing white pin feathers. One chick seems to have hardly any down at all compared to the others. He looks like a baldy!! I think it might be plcking itself. Is this common? :rofl: One baby about 10 days is getting very curious and peering out of the box. I am worried it may jump and get hurt.
  15. what is the difference in beak colours in babies. I have seen some pictures with babies with normal coloured beaks and others with black. I was wondering because most of my babies have black beaks
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