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  1. Thanks for the comments. We won't take him back as the kids love him and he's now part of the family.Just have to tame him a bit. He still gets a little scared when i put my hand in the cage, but he does sit on my finger quiet happily. The kids want me to let him out to have a fly around but i think he'll be a bugger to catch. Also Ozzie LOVES looking at his reflection, so should i put a mirror in his cage for him, or will this have a downside when it comes to taming him?
  2. BUGGER!!! The bloke from the Aviary told me he was only young, and that it was a male, but i though males had a blue nose. If he is as old as you say i can understand what you mean by taking longer to tame.
  3. That's a swing made from material.
  4. Here's a couple of pics of "Ozzie", and yes he does twist himself inside out, and even tries to hide under his newspaper floor.
  5. Pardon my ignorance (and if i appear rude, i apologise). But with this amount of birds, do you mingle with them and are they friendly towards you? I know when i when and picked up our bird, the bloke went into their cage and they were frightened of him (not in a bad way).
  6. Not much so far. He's running VERY fast along the bottom of his cage. He was used to an avairy 6' x 4' x 6' into a 2' cage so he has to find the limits of the cage. He also bites VERY hard and left an indent in my finger for 1/2 hour. Looks like his name will be Ozzie (1 of the kids picked the name because of his colours), and not quite sure of his age yet.
  7. We got a new budgie today. We got this one from a breeder a few suburbs away from our house. Have been told it's a male. Will get some pics to share once he settles down a bit. Currently have the cage covered on the top & 3 sides and have a window open near him. He's already chirping at the minor birds. Colour is mostly yellow with some black through him.
  8. Our budgie used to sit on a curtain rod under the air con unit, and attack the little flaps as they swung towards her. The cold air didn't really worry her that much it was just another thing that moved that she could attack. :budgiedance:
  9. :budgiedance: :nest: But i didn't say that.
  10. A male is looking good then. :hooray:
  11. Thanks again for the kind words. They are grately appreciated. I still close the door and cover the cage every night, and uncover the cage and open the door of a morning. Force of habit i suppose.
  12. Ours female did bite all the time. She continually bit my ear, neck, pulled hairs from my head, bit my lip. She used to chew just about all the paper she could find. Throw things from the kitchen bench onto the floor, chew into the loafes of bread.
  13. Just wondering which is better male or female? We are not really worried if our budgie doesn't talk, more about the local bird noises. We have Lorikeet's, Galah's, Rosella's, etc,etc in our area, and those noises are great.So if our budgie could make those noises we'd be very happy indeed. Our little "angel" used to make those noises and it was like living constantly outside. So which would be better for our needs? (Possibly going to look for a white and grey one after Easter) Thank in advance Craig
  14. Here is what the bell started in. http://i80.photobucket.com/albums/j169/AGR...rd/100_1111.jpg One of her favourite things to ride on.She used to sit on the cage of the fan whilst it oscillated. Who me? I didn't tare the phone book or other magazines apart.
  15. Thanks for all those nice words.Here she is playing with one of her favourite toys.http://s80.photobucket.com/albums/j169/AGR...nt=100_1225.flvIf i could download it straight to here the vision would be clearer.
  16. Hi all. I know it's been a long time since i've posted, but i do still read most of the topics that are here. Unfortunatly it is with sad news that i do post. We lost our little "angel" on Tuesday morning. :rofl: Our cat got into the house on Monday afternoon and had Angel in her mouth, but we got her out and put her in her cage. She had lost her tailfeathers but everywhere else looked o.k. She went very quite on Monday night, and tuesday morning she was on the bottom of her cage struggling to breathe. I was able to nurse her before she passed. It was a very tearful event for our whole family. We put her into a little box with a soft peice of material and some packing wrap to comfort her. We will be getting another one soon as the house is SO quiet, and me miss her mimicking the local bird sounds and calls. We have all learn't by the experience that we had with "Angel" and will be enjoying the budgie scene again soon. Craig
  17. Thank you everyone for your comments.They are greatly appreciated. :hap: "Angel" is still pacing the floor of her cage. When we let her out to have a fly around, she sits on top of the celling fan's blades, (NO it is not going). She isn't to hard to catch. Have we done the right thing by letting her fly around a lot? Should we perservere with getting her to sit on our finger first? Thanks in advance as you have all been a great help so far. By the way she isn't white anymore, she is a shade of Grey because of the dust on the skylight.
  18. What sort of toys should we have? We currently have a swing, a ladder, a series of 3 balls in a row (hanging off a string), a couple of pegs, some cuttlefish. Any other suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks again, Craig
  19. BUGGER!!! We'll take the nest out tomorrow then.
  20. We have put some perches across ways.We have also got a little nesting house to make her feel comfortable if she needs it. We also agree that she is a Dark eyed clear.
  21. Thought so Perhaps aim for a new one very soon - she will be MUCH happier in one of these :hap: We got "Angel" her new cage today.It's the same as the one you suggested i get. We named her "Angel" because she's white and when she runs along the edge of the cage floor, she spreads her wings out like an Angel. Thanks for the tip :hap: :hap: :hap:
  22. So seeing our budgie is female, does this mean that she won't talk??
  23. Yes we have done that and she STILL goes berko and paces the floor of the cage. I don't know if it's normal but when she runs across the floor sideways, she sticks left wing in the air to go sideways to the right, and right wing in the air to go sideways to the left.
  24. So we have a mutant, weird, budgie with a mental illness who likes escaping, in a cage that is completely wrong. Great!!
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