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  1. Hi, I sent you a pm Dillster. Unfortunatly i only have some Cock birds available at the moment. If you want any of them they are only $20 i am not far from you i think. Luddenham to you might be around 1 hour i am guessing at the most. Let me know as i have some young birds and a couple who i have bred with aswell but still only around 2 years who are good.
  2. Hi Are you based in Nsw? I might have a few around the $20 mark to help start you off. All show stock and club rung. Regards John
  3. I can get them for you. They are $4 each plus postage from sydney. Best i can do. I can get basically any bird stuff as i have started my own business. let me know if you want them and i can send them to you next week. regards John
  4. Finch boxes - $3.30 each Gouldian FinchHalf Boxes - $3.30 each Budgie Boxes - $4.40 each Peachface Boxes - $6.60 each Cockatiel Boxes - $8.80 each Budgerigar Breeding cabinets Small - $35 each Large - $39 each Finch & Canary Breeding Cabinets Finch Cabinets - $29 each Flight Cages Small Flight cages(Black) 60cm Long - $35 each Large flight cages (Black) 75cm long - $50 each All products are brand new and available. Location is Luddenham nsw 2745 Also new products coming soon - anything for birds basically, If there is something you require please let me know.
  5. They look like very nice quality birds to start off with for sure. They have nice masks and spots and their shoulders look not bad either. Would be better to see them in the show cage to see the length of the birds also. Where did you purchase these birds from?
  6. Some top birds in there. I really like that last hen you got. Nice markings and nice size shoulder. If he is breeding with them then there is a good reason why. 1 Question. All these pictures are they all of his sale birds?
  7. Take note of how much seed is in the nappy cage along with such a variety. Really makes the chicks want to chew into everything they see.
  8. Wow!! That looks really nice. I like light greens alot and that one looks tops! Well done
  9. You dont need to spend big money. With all things it takes time to do things right, What was your first car? I know a breeder who is a national champion and they have never spent over $200 on a bird and basically never bring many birds in at all. So i am sure that it is possible. Anything is possible. If you do something over a consistent period of time you will get results.
  10. Hi Matt Lot 266 RB4 085 2008 Hen Spangle Violet Cobalt , Good Hen Lot 333 NSW 6560 2010 Sky Cock. Hasnt grown tail since second moult Lot 166 NSW 6621 Grey green / fallow Do you happen to have the bloodlines of these birds or backrounds I will be going to the Auction for certain birds but these 3 looks nice Cheers
  11. The Greywing Went for $2000 One bid and no other challengers. I really thought this bird would have gone for more. It was a top class Greywing and most probably one i dont think will be reproduced for years to come. The Fallows went for around the $1000 to around $1400 mark. It was nearly $200,000 at the end of the auction. I wrote down every price that the birds went for to keep tab. Wouldnt mind to get some of the youngsters these Auction birds produce of someone. Will give me a chance to get some sort of chidel blood on a cheaper sort of scale. I guess if i could afford to spend that mony i definatly would have.
  12. I dont know if anyone went but i was the one carrying the show cages with birds back and forth with the birds for auction. It was well organised by the Hills Branch as always and all the members did a fantastic job. The birds did go for a high amount but if you saw the quality on display it was jaw dropping. The birds had so much feather and Width Of shoulder along with spot size depth of mask and the directional feather on the head was simply amazing. The guy has been breeding for 20 years and has won 8 National awards and todays auction showed why. For me it was an eye opener for what i would need to breed to compete at a top level. Also imagine how much money and time has been spent getting these birds to this level. It is a credit to their owner. All in all it was a fantastic day. Now lets hope all the people who purchased the birds know what to do with them. Good luck & hope there are many youngsters for the future. Regards John
  13. Hi I generally put the hiding place in the cabinet when the birds are nearly fully feathered. That way when they do come out they have somewhere to hide and feel safe. you will notice that when they start to get most on the feather on the side on their body that it is time to put the hiding place in there just in case they come out or get kicked out. I also put millet spray on the floor and inside the nest box so that the babies start learning to eat. I think this greatly helps them start cracking seed. I also spread seed on the bottom of the cabinet so that they can pick at it. Also i put the water tube on the bottom of the cabinet so the babies have access to water also and find it much easier. If i see the hen has laid a new egg while she still has babies in the nest box i put all the babies on the floor so that they do not break the new eggs and the cock bird looks after them while the hen starts her new clutch. Just make sure there are enough hiding places for the young ones. Let us all know how you go. Maybe a photo of your cabinet once you have put the hiding place in will help and maybe a photo of your nest when you next inspect it. You never know what ideas people on here have which might help you along the way. Regards John
  14. Hi All I just wanted to Remind everyone that the Chidel Auction is Tomorrow. I will be there helping out running the birds, Even if you are not buying if you can make it i am sure it would be a great eye opener as for quality and what a awesome stud should look like. Chidel Is one of the premier breeders in Australia and to see him sell his stud, i just cannot beleive it but it is happening tomorrow. So if you can come on down and have a look. Do not bring the wife just in case you are tempted. I am sure some of these birds will go for Thousands That greywing grey is priceless. Hope to see some of you guys there. If you are there come and say Hi. My name is John. I have put the link for you to see the quality of the birds he has ------------> http://www.hillsbran...talogue-web.pdf
  15. The hen is ready to lay her first egg any day now. I will leave them be. The cock bird is still feeding the 2 youngest ones. More so now that the youngest chick is out of the nest and on the floor of the cabinet. I have a hiding platform thing for them to hide under. I will be taking out the 2 oldest ones this weekend. they should be around 42 - 45 days old
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