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  1. well thought i would give you an update have six healthy babies one egg didnt hatch all looking good and mum and dad are doing a great job, Had the babies out to clean there nest so took a group photo anyone want to guess what the eldest one color will be?
  2. have been giving the budgies there fruit and vegies but was wondering which is better to give them diced apples carrots parsnip brocco and silverbeet or is it better to grate the ones that can be grated might be a bit hard to grate the brocco
  3. Yes mum and dad doing a great job now have three babies all looking cute and healthy
  4. thanks for your answer i came out this morning and have not 1 but 2 babies
  5. How long does it take for the baby to break out of the shell, i noticed this morning a egg with a small hole in it this arvo it is gradually getting longer around the egg looks like the baby is moving around the egg to meet back where it started it has been around 8 hours so far, hope this makes sense or does the mother do the cracking ??
  6. I would take it to your parents as you said something might happen and whoever has to come and feed it mightnt be able to make it and it will have some company
  7. Yes they are in the aviary with Lavern and tinkerbell and that is the only ones as want them to get friendly and i would hope the breeder i bought them off is reliable as they are from here and have MB initials
  8. We bought these lovely budgies last friday From Left to right we have Oliver, Alex, Sally, Trent, Bluey, Lemon and by watching them think the pairings will be Alex and Lemon Trent and Sally then later will try Oliver with Lavern(from our others) Bluey with Tinkerbell (from our others)
  9. i use a false bottom made from timber that i replace when it is time to start cleaning as neat said just replace the false bottom and add shavings then clean the false bottom and can reuse it
  10. Thank you all for your warm welcome :hap:
  11. Heres a picture of our breeding cages havent used the bottom ones yet as didnt want to bend over
  12. Thanks again neat i will check out ebay and also have contacted the link you gave and asked them about the compatability to vista and then will have to go google surfing
  13. thanks neat thats the post i read and downloaded from thought there might of been an update
  14. i was looking though the posts and found that the budgerigar program was used by many is this still available for use with windows vista as i downloaded it but doesnt work with vista, but perhaps there is another program that is used as this is a 2006 edition also there is bird tracker are these the only 2 that you mainly use ? ? ?
  15. Hi all we are a family from Melbourne who have started a family of budgies and after surfing the web found a good lot of infomation on your site so decided to join We are new at this and dont know the right terms or colors used in budgie terms but have posted our family below and if you would like to put the right color to the bird might be better than what we are saying you know thats blue with white wings or blue with dark wings and green etc The Family 1st Babies Lavern & Shirley Mum & Dad Roxanne & Popeye 2nd Baby Blimp 3rd babies Henry & Angus There Mum And Dad Charlott & Charlie okay thats it for now off to surf the pages for more info and am sure will have heaps of questions
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