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  1. you got me wrong, im not alking about quarantine, i am mature enough to understand that it is a safety issue. I am talking about being unfair about putting budgies with the same categorie as kangoroos and koalas as they are the animals living only in Australia....anyway. thanks others for the links, they are very helpfull. .
  2. Oh !!! NO!!! ..(( Are you sure that "no bird can go out" ?????? he is my lovely friend, i can't live without him!!!! what's the point? it's not a kangoroo, koala, or a possum....I am hoping that the government will not be so unfair about this. anyone knows more about this ??? urgent reply needed.
  3. Hi there, is there anyone who can help me about flying overseas with a budgie? So, what are the regulations in Australia? Does it only depend on the airline companies or is there anything to do beforehand according to the laws? I will fly in 2 months and i don't want to be late for any necessary action i should do. Any helpfull information will be appreciated. Thank you all...
  4. In a pet shop, I have recently seen a natural bunch with a plenty of seeds on it. (Sorry for a long description, i don't know what it is called ) I was excited to buy it at first, but it was so expensive. What do you think about them, do the budgies like picking their seeds in a "natural" way? Is it worth to pay that much money? Or, any cheaper way to buy?
  5. Can you give me some info about determining its sex with vets? How much does it cost? how long does it take? Does it hurt the budgie a lot? What other things can/should i do once i go there?
  6. Thanks for your interest. I have been trying my best to get the best quality ones with my old camera. Here are some more pictures. (It looks it's turning into blue)
  7. WOW..what a good and helpfull suggestion, i usually do just the opposite and fill towards the end of the day just because it might get a bit cheaper. Thanks for that. Well yes the petrol prices are going worse every day, so what i did? I just bought 4 cylnders 2007 camry a few months ago and booked now to convert it to gas next month. Even though it's 4 cylnders, saving is saving ! Finally, i would like to tell you a Turkish joke. Temel was told by his friend that the petrol prices were always going up and it costs more everyday. Temel was so calm and relaxed, said: "Oh, no it's not a problem for me at all" "How come ?"..."Don't you drive a car like me" Temel : " Oh yes of course, but i always buy $50 fuel " :hap:
  8. Yes i will post a couple of more pictures taken in the day time with a natural light but the thing is i am working and it's getting dark early these days. So, please keep an eye on this topic
  9. Great story ! great behaviour !!!! I was getting very excited when i was getting close to the end. But finished just as what i was expecting .
  10. Hi and welcome to the forum. I am also new to this forum but i havent yet written anything in here so far....however i am not hesitating to say welcome to you . By the way, you have got a budgie now so it's time to go to your profile and change something there :sad: .
  11. Thanks for the link, I have already seen it though. But i'm really confused about this and still not very convinced. For example in your second message in that link, the last one of 'baby to young hens' (with the beak open) and the first one of 'baby boys' (closed eyes) look pretty much the same. (Of course the ceres) Both have no white or any rings and same colour. Also, the second budgie in 'baby boys' has a white ring like mine. Am i getting too much ?
  12. Wow ! How come your birds are used as examples in that website : ). Surprized to know that. Actually, the third picture (from above, the single one) was the one that confused me most.
  13. Yes it's because of an angle. It makes me a little happy to know the black shades will be gone . But for the babies it seems to me that it's always confusing to talk about sexing. What about these two examples in http://www.budgietalk.com/budgiegender.html The examples in 3rd and 4th pictures also have rings around nostrils. However they are said to be male.
  14. Hi. I am really wondering if my baby budgie is male or female. The lady i bought from said he is definitely male because of the little bluish tendency in the cere. What do you think? He is about 6 weeks old. if the photo is not shown, please click maleorfemale Also my second concern is, if those dark spots in his/her beak will disappear as he/she gets older? It's actually not a big issue for me but just would like to know something new.(The black dirt sticked at the tip is out of question) Thanks.
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