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  1. tg1

    My Bird Room

    bird room looks great make sure the you have plenty of air flow to stop the dust and make thing are easy that you can clean and some good storage room that you can keep tidy too
  2. i have done it Good luck with your research
  3. i has this prob a couple years ago , so i made new nestboxs but a little larger and deeper this fixed the prob as well and the chicks also stays in the boxs for a little long as the mother had to feed then for that extra week i found that i did not loose any chicks as that are thay bit bigger and thay will live better and bigger
  4. I would like to thank all the People that come to TASMANIA for the Australia Nationals in Burnie it was a great time had by every one , it was the first time to have the results live on the net an pics as well Here is the link to the result http://www.national2009.com:8080/display/N...4BCF2A47E2341ABall the hard work that us tassie put in to it to make it run so smooth once again i would like to say thank for coming to TASSIEhi Daz i hope you have enjoyed your self here in tassie looking forward to Rockhampton Nationals it won't be cool as tassie
  5. one of the best things to help air flow in your bird room is a whirly bird (vent) when it is cold or night time to stop draught you can close of the air flow make a sliding draw to block the air flow , one of the main things is to put bird wire over the hole that you have cut out so the birds can not escape out and have windows that open aswell this help with light too
  6. one of the best things to storing budgerigar seed in a freezer ( less motor not going ) stainless steel inside one is the best , as it is the same temp all year around and nothing can get into it , you can use the lid as a work bench in your bird room too, i store 8 bags of seed at a time ,
  7. i had one of my Budgerigar with infected eye on monday and treaded with ( BROLENE eye omitment) from chemist , this save a trip to the Vet , today the eye is better and no sign it was infected BROLENE is used for conjunctivitis
  8. you are right there are a lot of diff wet mixs around , i was told if you start your birds on every thing and thay will eat it , and will feed there youngs one on it too, i use corn cobs too , but only when i grow it my self and freeze down , I would not buy any thing from shops as you dont know what is has been sprayed with , i only feed the things out of my garden to the birds (safety first ) and happy birdsbreeding season for me in Tasmaina is from first week August throught end December (to hot for breeding) then end Febuary till May while not breeding a full cleanning program flights breeding room , painting and all the things nead replacing or up grades ** this year i am planning to breed from August right through end of may ** due to some changes i have done to my breeding room to cool it down and added a few things to it , tested it out last year and dropped temp down 5c to 10 c while it is 25c plus out side i have the breeding room as cool as 20c to 23c
  9. after 10 days on detox the birds are making more noise than ever , the bird room is very loud , i would not dare to let a cock loss in with the hens i am doing it for 30 days on detox then straight into my breeding program, i was on the phone to another breeder and he has 8 out 8 full eggs after detox he had the pair up 3 time before and nothing happen , thing are looking good if this is going to happen to me too
  10. my wet mix is made up of large parrot mix seed soaked for 24 hours , washed well after soaked carrot broccolli silverbeet parsley hard boiled egg tin corn bread crumbs mixed together with bread crumbs and e-powder and only leave in the flights and breeding cages for 3-5 hours mainly feed them in afternoons and then the my chooks get the rest my birds go wild over this mix and look forward to it every day
  11. yes cut around the vent of cocks and hens , had a very poor breeding season last year 56 babys for the year over 130 plus clear eggs
  12. i use birdrec 7 , budgen V5 and budgerigar variety bible (by ken york) thay are very good i would put the highly in your list easy to use and have heaps of info
  13. i have just order some from Dr Rob Marshall (sydney Avian Vet) $$$ but if it help it is worth it and i have to use megamix with it too , i had heaps of clear eggs last year ,this will help heaps but have a close eyes on my birds when using it
  14. DOXYCYCLINE10% :mellow: has any one use this produce before as I have been told to try it out on birds as detox them for this years breeding season and will help improve the breeding performance. Any info would be great help
  15. tg1

    Rats Again

    Does that eucalyptus oil in water really work? If it does, I might hang some in my aviary, using a method that prevents the birds getting to it, but the smell would not annow them and if it keeps rats and mice out, that would be fantastic. The steel wool is an excellent idea. I am going to use that as well. Thanks for the tips. I know they were meant for kaz, but the best thing about this board is that we all share and learn. the eucalyptus oil in water will last for 5 days and you will have to change it , nice smell in the bird room and keeps the rat & mice out , also moth balls do the same too
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