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  1. Thanks for your help, when my eldest gets home from school in a minute we will have to take him outside for the last time and have a little ceremony for him.... it happened so fast..
  2. Hi Libby, he has started fitting, i guess i will just keep him warm, the vet is to far away.. there only avarian vet is 50 minutes from here...aahhhhhhh no, he's gone....
  3. can i log onto msn and show you via webcam, please tell me how to do it, i have never used my webcam before..
  4. no i don't, i am in the hawkesbury at East kurrajong, is there any contacts near by that you would know of..
  5. his crop feels empty.. he does feel light . will biskut meal wih warm water feed him? his head is a little fluffed up like he gets when he is cross with me.. !!! his eyes are twitching, not sure if its the light or if these are his 'fits'
  6. thanks charlie2479... i am sitting here watching him in between working and moving him occasionally, he just looks at me and shuts his eyes again... Hi Libby, his food and water are all okay, they still have plenty, i am just hopeful that it is the cold as he is not fitting as such, just has his legs back.. is this classed as fitting without any other movement?.. he tilts his head to look at me still when i talk to him...
  7. Hi, this morning my Violet was cuddling up to Alex and they were both seemingly happily chirping at each other.. about half an hour ago, only 10 mnutes after i checked on them my Alex was on the bottom of the cage... my hubby called me out. i got a tea towel and picked Alex up and held him close to my chest and breathed warm air onto him. he is now on the tea towel sitting on my desk with my heat lap over him. his feet are curled back toward his tail. is it to late for him, i think he got cold this morning as it was unusually cold here. thanks any help / advise would be apreciated..
  8. Smithy


    He is so adorable, it almost looks like he is trying to tap dance.....
  9. I know this sounds bizare.. but.. when i bought my female budgie home, her cere was chocolate brown and she was in good breeding condition. She was in quarantine away from my boy budgie for 4 weeks, then next to him in her cage for a week, when i cleaned out both their cages during the week that they were next to each other they were allowd out to play and they got along famously. i bought a bigger cage with the intention of introducing them to the new cage at the same time, which worked a treat. they flirted with each other and got along well, she is not yet 12 mths until next month so i have not put the breeding box in and now her cere has changed colour and she wants nothing to do with my boy..?? Does it look like the 'honeymoon' is over?? Why would her cere change?? He is still biting us and protecting her, but, she claws at him when he tries to feed her and she kicks him off his swinging perch (literally) and won't let him sit in his favourite places..she will sit in the food and not let him have any till she is finished.. They are inside in the main combined living/kitchen area, could she be stressed from the postion?? i also noticed when all the flirting was going on in the first few weeks, they were both loosing lots of feathers. they were downey feathers not flight feathers..
  10. Wow, thanks for all the suggestions on names.... She is a bit Precious at the moment with moving house and getting away from me when i opened her box to pop her into the new cage.. she flew around the dining room all around the bay windows thinking she could escape, poor thing.... So far this afternoon, Alex has been singing and she has been responding by screaching out to him, needless to say she's literally doing backflips when he sings and he, well he is starting to flick at his cage door again to try to get out to see what's new..
  11. :budgiedance: Well, i bit the bullet today. Have been thinking to long wheather or not to get Alex a girl friend. We went on a family drive this morning and visited our local pet store. i have been there quite a few times to source info and to get things for my dogs. they have always been more than helpful and they breed their own animals on site as well. We went to the bird area and a gentleman was great help. He pointed out three prospects for our Alex, two were similar in colouring and one was a terific violet colour that i have only ever seen in pics.. needless to say, i chose the violet one... She is of course in quarantine... in my office while Alex is on the other side of the house in the family area.... Does anyone have any suggestions of names....?? She is about 10 months old according to the gentleman at the store who hand picked her from the breeder...she has been aviary breed and only handled if needs be... do you think that if i start handling her she will be okay to join the family as Alex does.. ?? Thanks :sad:
  12. Smithy


    Hi All, I have finally decided to join you, have been looking around lately for some advice with our family Budgie , Alex. I will post more in another forum!!
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