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  1. I have an 7 year old girl budgie, who recently started have midday naps, in her little round swing, resting her head on the side of the swing. She's still waking up bright and early every morning and announcing that the sun has risen again, but she's having naps on and off throughout the day. At first I thought it was pretty sweet that she's THAT comfortable, particularly because we just moved in with my boyfriend (he pretends he cants stand her, and then goes and buys her a really big brand new cage and every morning before he goes to work puts the radio on for her... but.... yeah.... he REALLY doesn't like her at all... :budgiedance: ) I'm just a bit concerned because its unusual for her. How old do budgies live for? She's not getting old is she? Other than napping she seems perfectly healthy and happy. Also, she's had a cage to herself all her life, and now my boyfriend thinks it might be nice for her to have a friend... I think if she's lived happily for so long on her own she might feel a bit invaded if we put another budgie in with her? ANY advice or guidance would be fabulous!
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