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  1. Cora and Chadwick have three eggs in the nestbox and I just found out today. I totally didn't expect that because it usually takes them a few weeks to get into the mood and I put the nestbox up a little more than a week ago. I can't wait, though, their chicks have been really cute sp far. I hope there's more than two this time.
  2. Pictures of my bird flock. Mungo the quaker parrot and Albert (nanday conure.) Preening is a new development in their relationship, I mean very new, they've been doing this for a few days. They used to hate eachother. Albert had a girlfirend Ronda who died as a result of an accident and we figured we should get him a friend to keep him company. Since I live in Estonia and there aren't many nandays available and we were lucky enough to find an ad about a quaker parrot and since in nature nandays and quakers live closely together we thought that was a good idea. For a few months Mungo disliked Albert and he didn't know how to communicate with him (he hadn't been around other birds, but he's not tame either.. he doesn't bite you when you touch him but he growls and would much rather be left alone, so we don't press that matter. ) Mungo warmed up to Albert and Albert stopped being such a jerk since Mungo is a rather serious um, guy.. Albert used to do all sort of stuff to annoy Mungo. They slowly became kind-of friends.. they were friendly to each other when they were bored. ..I guess they really like christmas because today they were side by side preening eachother which is something they had never done before. ..They are both boys by the way. Albert: (that's what happens to your walls if you get birds..) Mungo: Mungo and Chadwick: Marvin and Clara (nandays): Clara is a feather plucker. We got them in the summer, their owner passed away and her relative inherited them. Since she wasn't a bird person she started looking for someone who knew anything about the species and that's how we got them. We've changed all the environmental factors we could think of and it seems that there are feathers growing back to her shoulders.. but I don't know. Chadwick and Cora: Cora and Chad's chick (who should go to a new home in a few days):
  3. That's what I thought, but my mom keeps insisting that she's a he, so I wanted to be sure. Thanks. I can tell her to shove it..
  4. I thought the chick on the picture is a girl and that's what I wrote in the sale ad (the buyer is probaby coming tomarrow, so I need to clear it up quick), but I'm not so sure anymore. When comparing her(?) to her borther it was clear that it was a girl, but her cere seems rather blueish now to me.. She acts like a hen though and I figured that she has to be a she because of her coloring as well - she's a cinnamon and I thought males had to have both cinnamon genes for it to show?
  5. Thank you. They are really cute, they are really curious and love it when I take them out. Yellowface is my favourite mutation and Cora seems to pass it on nicely--I'm pretty sure that after first moult the older chick is going to be so much brighter than Cora, because she used to have a really pale YF.
  6. I was wrong about the young one - it's a sky blue normal, he/she is such a character. It was hard to get it to stop moving around (and chewing my finger.) Older one is really calm chick.. Even earthquake wouldn't bother it (her?) Chicks: Older one: Younger one:
  7. YF type 2 grey spangle. It's the suffusion that makes it appear grey-green. Gorgeous, by the way.
  8. Younger chick seems to be really dark blue(it probably doesn't come out in pictures though.) Proud papa: Chicks:
  9. Younger chick was sold immediately (he had more yellow on him, which made him more greenish and probably more attractive to the buyers.) Last time we checked the older one was still there, though. The shop is great - the breeder who bred Chad and Cora works there, so I'm sure she does the best to ensure they get good homes. I heard the older chick is very domineering, though.. easy for him, because he's bigger than most of these budgies in the pet shop. So.. as for update on the current clutch: Only two hatched (again!) this time. I think the older one is blue type 2 YF with cinnamon wings, but I'm not sure yet--I couldn't see very well. I'll try to take some pictures today, so you can all guess what the younger one is going to be and whether or not I'm right about the older one.
  10. They are in a regular pet cage with a nest box and it doesn't have a grate at the bottom. I thought that the hen maybe moved them around and it was maybe in the wood shavings and I couldn't see it, but when I cleaned the nest box I couldn't find anything. I'm not even sure if there was a third chick anymore, maybe I saw the two together and assumed there was a third somewhere in the middle because the third egg was lost. ..But they might have broken the third egg because that's what they did with one of the eggs.
  11. Update: Chicks were sold to a local petshop, and Cora and Chad got a few weeks of rest.. but now they're at it again. She currently has five eggs, fingers crossed that they are all fertile. I hope at least one of them is blue, although grey YF is my favourite color. Here are the pictures of the chicks from the first clutch, all grown up: Family: Older chick: Younger chick: Turns out the chicks were both males. I really suck at trying to predict the sex of the grey budgies. Their skin color just varies so much. You can't see from the picture, but the younger chick has really dark grey skin, while the older one has pretty light and quite pinkish.
  12. Apart from her head.. the feathers are growing back pretty fast, though. She (I think it's a she, judging by the intensity of the pain her bite causes. ..And the noice level she causes, she has by far the ugliest voice I've ever heard from a Budgie. ..But I guess that makes her unique.) is freaking huge. I have pictures of the little one, but they were way too blurry to post. Little one is a YF too, I'm still hoping for the pied, but I'm pretty sure it is going to be like her big sister.
  13. She's fine, I was a little concerned that Cora might have done it (she probably did, but I think it was accidental because she hasn't done any more harm.) That chick is so active.. she planned to come out of the nest box being only 20 days old.. I stopped her, though. ..A little early for that.
  14. Aww. They're so cute. Baby no. 2 seems to be a dominant pied.
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