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  1. I would love to know how you can tell the sex ..... whats the trick ?
  2. I took about 10 of funky and he moved in every one of them, I didn't want to bug him too much.So next question ..... would they be happy in the cage with mum and dad (will probably give bluey away) I have a home for two of them but I have a blue (dad) allready and mum (green cinamon wing) so I would love to keep the 3 different ones (snowey, nugget, funky) can't choose the 2nd to give away. And if I do give 2 away should I get mates for the 2 I keep or are they happy with mum and dad. Lets face it its no fun to live with mum and dad all your life espically without a mate. yeh it's very deep, deeper than the lenght of the cage I had the 2 in before the egg saga started. They love it they can fly, for the first time, they used to climb everywhere or jump in the old cage. yeh it's very deep, deeper than the lenght of the cage I had the 2 in before the egg saga started. They love it they can fly, for the first time, they used to climb everywhere or jump in the old cage. By they way love your birds, pop is beautiful, what is his colour called.next question .... I saw mum and dad mate today.....what can I do to stop any more eggs? Snowey and Bluey were out of the breeding box this morning when I got up for the first time (so I put them back) but the other two are too young to take out. I have also put in (2day) a cut away inverted ice cream container for them for when they do come out. What can I do to stop more eggs ?Stop press, I just read someone elses posting asking the same question about over active males..... so thanks, you helped and you don't even know it. But still want to know if my 4 young hens need mates of are they happy living with mum and dad (I wouldnt be)
  3. Wow thanks once again Kaz, your tips are so helpfull, you have no idea how much you have had to do with this clutch. Everyone on this site is so helpfull, but your tips inparticular have really worked. I used one today, I put the cut away inverted ice cream container in the cage because 2 of my babies were out for the first time this morning when I got up ( I put them back in the breeding box ). I've posted some more photos in another topic, and asked (lots) more questions too, could you take a look and give me your advice please.
  4. Funky Bluey Nugget Snowey hope these are good enough to sex them, one of them (funky) kept moving.
  5. thanks,still having trouble with photo bucket, but I will try to put on some pics of my babies, last night I was told what colours they are called but was told to sex them I would need pics of the crere's so I'll give it a go
  6. Just updating on last nights questions..... is this a better picture of my cage set up. hope I can work the photobucket thing http://forums.budgiebreeders.asn.au/[/img] http://forums.budgiebreeders.asn.au/[/img]
  7. wow what beautiful birds .... thanks, I never knew there where so many kinds of budgiesThat is the cage ( same dealer too ) got mine cheeper than the one I just coppied the photo off ( makes me feel good ) thanks guys for the tips.by the way my blue budgie's head is heaps bigger than dads, he stuck his head out the hole of the breeding box and dad was right next to him, is that just like a fat todler thing ? or is he just a fat head ?
  8. I'll take some pics and put them on tommrow ( I hope ) when I get to work at about 6ish. I have rolled oats and wood shavings in the box, do I just scatter seed in there or use a soy sauce dish? I have some milk bickey stuff ( cant remember what its called ), I got incase mum and dad wouldnt feed them ( lucky I didnt need it )I dont think I'll breed anymore (didnt plan this lot )this is a picture of the same cage off ebay (easy cut and paste ) cant really see though, you probably need to see birds in it to gauge the size. http://www.gtmall.com.au/shop/images/bird002.jpg
  9. I read some tips from Kaz on using a ice cream container with a arch cut in it when they come out of the breeding box, any more tips, what to feed them etc. The frist one was hatched (blue) on the 18th feb, when do they come out of the box ? noone said if my cage was big enough for 6 birds.
  10. Hope tis works its a picture of mum and dad in their old cage taken after the first egg was laid.I thought you couldn't tell from the crere untill they were older, or is there a trick to it?
  11. cool, my cage is 178cm H x 100cm W x 60cm L , had to look at the add of the same one I got on ebay ... it's big. hope its big enough.. you guys have all been so helpfull, right from the fist egg. I've really enjoyed the whole baby thing I love just watching them. any tips on training? mum and dad will sit on my hand and eat carrot tops, but thats it soo far.mum is a green cinamon wing ( Kaz told me ) and dad is the same blue as the blue baby. Jimmy what do lacewings and texas clearboys look like ? and which ones would you breed with them ? For future reference. I've allready had my life taken over by these budgies ( so much for a pet for my daughter ) now I spend ages every morning grating carrot, cutting apple, a few mung beans and carrot tops, fresh seed and water, millet spray, cleaning the cage and breeding box ( full time job )
  12. are any of them harder to get than the others, might affect which ones I keep. How long till I can tell the sex ? I read the forums on the behaviour (sex wise) but I don't trust myself to guess. I would like to have pairs, if that is the done thing to make them happy.
  13. sorry for my stupidity but which is which, you'll have to dumb it down for me .. i.e. the white one is called .... the yellow one is called ... etc. sorry didnt see last post
  14. I have homes for 2 of them and I'm going to keep 2 ..... but which ones ..... any sugestions ... I would also like to get 2 new mates for the 2 I keep, now that my cage is sooo huge I have room for lots. Is that the right thing to do ? do they need mates or are they happy with each other and mum and dad ? I just want them to be happy.
  15. Thanks Jimmy banks for all your help ..... now does anyone know what the names of my budgie colours are ? I'd love to know, I'm amazed at the different colours I got.
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