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  1. colorama

    Baby Pics

    Love ya babies they are cute as!! I love oreo he/she is soooooooo cute
  2. colorama

    New Budgies

    okay cya ya real soon..(Laughing out loud).. cool cake.. Yeh Im real happy with what i picked out I cant wait for them to have some real pretty babies, Then that could be a hard choice to make on what I keep and what I sell (Laughing out loud) cos i just love all my babies and the oldies..
  3. colorama

    New Budgies

    Thanks for your help its been great knowing what they were.. there is a couple of them that are sibblings but they are both sisters,The rest are unrelated,In total I brought 7 birds some of these pics are doubled up just to show them from a different angle, Yep I did do a 30 day quarantine with them just in case.. I think now though is i have too many girls and not enough boys
  4. colorama

    New Budgies

    Did I miss something!!! Flight to where??
  5. colorama

    New Budgies

    Thanks.. no she hasnt got scaley face shes a fair bit older than the others and she and another hen had a fight and she came off second best with a bite to the her cere alls well with her I cant wait till she lays,I seen her dad which is very much the same to her and he was a big beautiful boy. There was 2 others that are a bit older and the other ones i got were young stock and yes there are 2 that are sibblings.
  6. colorama

    New Budgies

    Thanks yeh i thought they were very pretty thats why i couldnt stop at just one or two when i seen them ... you know how it is... When I was looking at which one to buy i just couldnt make up my mine there was 2 small cages she had them in boys in one and the girls in the other. Which made it easy for her to catch other wise we could of been there all day trying to catch them in the the huge avairy she has for them.. they are very different...
  7. colorama

    New Budgies

    More pics these ones are a bit better.. This is the white one in the pics before. The green hen is one of my first one we had the other 3 are the new ones. Hen from the first lot of pics you can see the front of her better in the picture Sorry if theres too many pics but i just had to show you all the different colours they are..
  8. colorama

    New Budgies

    Hi all sorry its taken me so long to get some photos on here of our new budgies but i do have a couple at the moment and in the middle of fixing up some more to go on here so heres a couple of our newbies there not very good pics cos they didnt like me taking their photos... I was told this white looking one was a lilac would this be right?? I know its a bit hard to see her colouring, Will try and get more photos and hopefully closer ones so you can see their colouring better..
  9. colorama

    New Budgies

    Will post some new photos soon as i can get this puter to do what i want it to do. having a few problems at the moment i put the photos on the puter and they wont show up. so stay tuned i will get some new photos on here soon as i can..
  10. colorama

    New Budgies

    Firstly this lady was in not a mill. she breeds show birds and also the pet type budgies she has got a huge dome aviary which has all natural stuff in it for the birds like tree stumps and logs which the cockatiels nest in, and the floor had quail on the floor which looked like the bush floor.There was another big aviary with about 20 budgies in it so no i wouldnt call it a bird mill. As far as my cockatiel he is doing well now, we had a trip to the vets his wing was not broken just badly damaged. As far as being free I will take anything for free, I dont know about anybody else but if i get offered something for nothing i take it depends on what it is.. And im a sucker when it comes to giving sick animals a chance..
  11. colorama

    New Budgies

    Hi all in our local paper on the weekend there were budgies from $6.50 so i gave them a ring yesterday and went around to have a look WOW the colours of this ladys budgies were bright and mixed, I didnt know were to start plus she breeds cockatiels too and she had some of them for sale. So i went through and pick out a couple of budgies that really caught my eye so 7 budgies later and a baby cockatiel we came home. I will have to take some photos and put on here they a very different in colouring. With my cockatiel he has a brocken wing i got hi for free to a good home and hes very spoilt here will his wing ever heal and will he be able to fly again the lady clipped both wings so he cant fly at the moment im guessing till his wing heals if it will, sorry i know this question should be asked in here but i thought someone might know. thankyou pics soon...
  12. colorama

    New Aviaries

    Went and check out the aviaries the other nite and they are great i will be picking them up next week yay.. so i have been plotting how and where im going to put them all, so what i have come up with cos the doors are on the front of the each aviary is to put one lot on one side and the in front so the doors are opposite each other and then put some more mesh over the middle and a door on the outside so its all enclosed and noone can escape like a safety chamber. hope you understand what im saying..
  13. I understand what your saying. I wasnt sure wether to move them out or not cos i know they like to be around each other.The only problem is I only have the one aviary at the moment and I have no where to move them into .. what if i was to move them into the house would that work okay or not... the hubby might not be too happy though.. (Laughing out loud).. I pick up our 16 aviaries next week thenit will take another couple of weeks till we can put them up plus we want to concrete the floor first before we put the aviaries up.
  14. They have been in the cabinets for a couple of weeks now. One pair are right at home in the cabinet but the other pair just dont seem to be too happy being there at all and of course she wants the wrong man too which doesnt help at all. This pair below here were the 1st pair we got and they had the aviary all to them selves so they bonded but theres a another man in the house now..(Laughing out loud).. This is the little lady that wants more than one man (Laughing out loud)!! she wants him..below This pair here are right at home in the cabinet
  15. Hi I paired off 2 lots of birds and they are in breeding cages , The breeding cages are still in the aviary with the others flying around, the hens are popping in and out of the nexting boxes but there just doesnt seem to be anything else happening maybe i need to spice up there life some how.. I did notice today though one of the hens that pair herself off with her boy is now kissing another male through the wire what do i do??? I dont want her breeding with another cock at the moment i want her to breed with her 1st choice..
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