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  1. Fantastic news... last night my clever baby came back! We were watching 50to1 on TV and suddenly white bird flew into the room! :hap: It turns out he was in my 21yr old brother's room all along (even a macaw could get lost in there!) Im so happy and now so careful! thankyou for your support
  2. Today I took my two bubs into my room for their usual fly, but when i opened the door again to remove the cage, my white bird (as yet nameless) flew through! I made sure blue bird was okay and didnt get out then ran out to get white. what i didnt realise was the backdoor was wide open! I closed it and upturned the whole house- he wasnt in it. Then thouroughly searched outside and even the gardens of the people living behind our house. My best bet is that my bubby will come in the morning because of my outside birds. Oh i miss my beautiful baby and he was taming so well Birdy prayers please thankyou for listening
  3. I hadnt thought of it when I saw him last, I may have to ask him though. I cant find any information about it on the internet, so you are right, I wont know if other problems are associated.Ray Butler said that it is inherited from the parents, so yes if i breed from it there will be more stumpies. Its father I got from a pet shop when he was very young, and he took a long time to grow his tail, so we think he is responsible. hmm what to do?? Im worried that it may be a mild version of something worse, and then the babies may have all sorts of feather problems. However it was diagnosed...Oh and there was garunteed no inbreeding
  4. Hi everyone, as some background, I have bred my budgies for the first time successfuly. I have four beautiful bubs, two of them pets and the other two with the parents. One of the babies, nicknamed 'stumpy' doesnt have a tail. at their 5 week check up with our avian vet Ray Butler, is was diagnosed with budgie short tail disease. a virus transmitted from one of the parents in the nest. It is completely normal except its tail feathers are mutated, short, and curl like a feather duster type budgie. It doesnt seem to be in any pain and can fly and function normally. Many people who have seen this budgie find it endearing and would like one. even my bird hating sister likes it! My question is, would breeding short tailed budgies be ethical? ethics are very important to me and the birds always come first. Know this, i AM NOT breeding for money and that would not be my aim if i were to breed from this budgie. All views and opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou! :feedbirds:
  5. thanks you both have been really helpful. the bubs are going great. Yes I have been handling and foot cleaning from day two, (i was too scared for them on day one!) they are quite cheeky now though and dont appreciate my efforts. :mellow: hopefully soon theyll come round and discover im not just a big foot poking monster!
  6. Hi, my babies are three weeks old now (oldest one) and im starting to worry about weaning. they are in a large cage/small aviary with their parents but there is a drop of maybe half a metre to the floor from their box. So I thought of moving them into a more suitable cage I have when they start popping out, but then mum and dad still need to feed them... is this also the time to start hand taming them? thanks for your help!
  7. oh my goodness! i am emotionally exhausted after reading this whole thread! that was one special budgie. Im so sorry rah, but so happy for you that you had that whole experience with him. well done.
  8. Loreli


    Thanks KAZ the link was really helpful.. now i just need to pluck up the courage!. Mum (harmony) doesnt mind me looking and she shows me each egg ill get a photo in to you all as soon as possible Moderator’s Message changed asap to as soon as possible. please do not use shortcuts - use only approved shortcuts found in guidelines.
  9. Loreli


    no I havent im too scared to pick them up! however this morning the first one hatched yay tiny little pink thing tehe. They are both taking good care of it. Id like to take a photo but im scared that Ill upset mum... and what do you thing about contact with me, id like them to be tameit all looks easier written down but i dont want to do anything wrong! :oBy The Way there are five eggs now! (four and a baby)
  10. Loreli


    Hi everyone, im back in budgiedom after a long time not visiting the site. For an update, last time i was here I bought a beautiful opaline spangle hen from Libby, and at the moment she is sitting on three eggs . I am very excited as this is my first clutch (though not hers) and after so much research :book: they are finally here! Both me and my little boy Zo are a bit dazed and confused :hap: , but monie has the situation all under control Soon I will have plenty of birds top fawn over! :feedbirds: The first egg was laid on the 29th of May.
  11. I havent had budgies for very long, but Ollie is 5yrs old and a grumpy old lady My aunty Irene has a corella called Simbad the Sailor, hes older than her and shes 90! he wont put up with children but loves her
  12. thankyou for the good advice! she is a beauty and settling well. What to name her ??
  13. Thanks Maesie! And Kaz, I want whats best for my budgies, so I'll put Zo back in his old cage while she quarintines in the new one
  14. here she is:"http://s269.photobucket.com/albums/jj73/lo...nt=P2210194.jpg" "http://i269.photobucket.com/albums/jj73/lo...et/P2210194.jpg" sorry about the links, im a bit hopeless at that
  15. yes thats my theory! he keeps trying to sidle up to her
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