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  1. Mine love to chew! I put some old cardboard wrapping paper tubes in through the cage bars and they chew on this taking it to bits. When on my shoulders they chew my clothes and earrings (not enough to adamage them though) Funny thing was when I tied a new swing up with an elasticated string they had much more fun chewing the elasticated end of the string until the fabric on it eroded away. They chew on it constantly all the time like it is chewing gum or something- totally addicted!! As for making nestboxes, mine rarely leave the top of their cage only to fly and have no desire to explore new surfaces or places in the room!!
  2. Thanks guys for your advice and help :ygbudgie: I think it must have been very unfortunate and rare for the two hens that my friend had that one was so aggressive that it pecked the other one to death (on the windowsill). Funnily enough, she said to me that mine looked very much like them! Turns out they got a male for the female after and the male was bullied rotten but did not get killed but lived in torment by her instead until I think they were seperated! Psycho budgie!!
  3. I do but I think they are good friends because the bickering, although amusing to watch, has never been too serious and they seem to get one well most of the time chattering away to each other and sitting close together. FIngers crossed!!
  4. Oh well I am happy with them both being girlies then in that case! They quarrel sometimes and Louie likes to pull Kiwi's tail when she is not looking and nip her feet but Kiwi is the boss being bigger and chases after her for a good telling off!! I heard females can be quite aggressive and a friend of mine said one of her females killed the other one whilst out of the cage!! Hopefully that will not happen with mine- is this common?
  5. Thanks guys!!! I thought Kiwi and Louie were both girlies but just wanted to double check. Kinda wished I got a boy and a girl but one acts a bit like a boy so a good substitute I s'pose!!
  6. http://i256.photobucket.com/albums/hh193/e...le/DSC00165.jpg Hope this has worked thanks!
  7. Can you please confirm what sexes my budgies are? :ygbudgie:opps no picture! How do I post a picture of them?
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