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  1. you have some beautiful birds
  2. she is beautiful and sounds like she has a great personality
  3. you have some great looking budgies
  4. You have some great looking birds Kaz
  5. you can add a small amount of rasberry cordial to there water which will kill most bactreria in there water and there gut. a very weak solution compared to human tastes. i hope this helps
  6. welcome to the site Bev
  7. scottie

    Rip Santa

    i am sorry for your loss
  8. scottie


    welcome to the forum
  9. sorry for yout loss and goodluck in the future
  10. scottie


    the new plan looks good your birds are really lucky to have an owner with so much energy
  11. congratulations it sounds so exiciting
  12. you can buy special mouse traps from some pet stores and they are very successful and it doesn't use poison and cant hurt ur birds. it is a box shape with a hole in the middle and wire spikes pointing down, this means the mice can get in but not out. you attract the mice by using peanut butter. my friend used this method and in a matter of a week he caught and killed 20 mice. then you drown the mice while they are still in the trap
  13. you have an awesome aviary set up and some really nice birds
  14. bahahahhahah that is funny and disgusting i dont know if they remeber there parents but i think u may have a little problem on ur hand
  15. To subscribe you go to http://www.budgerigarworld.co.uk and click on the button subscribe. You can't buy it in a newsagency. okay thanks
  16. Goodluck with the eggs do u know if the other 4 r fertile
  17. congratulations Daz i was just wondering how do you subscribed how much does it cost can you get it in perth and do you have to subscribe or can you just buy it from a magazine store
  18. you have done a great job raising them and they look very healthy and happy Congradulations
  19. in australia the average budgies price in pet store are $15-$30 i dont no about scotland though. this forum is great so many people on this website have helped me and they will help u to if u have any questions just ask
  20. (Laughing out loud) sounds so cute does he have any perches to sleep on and does he have any toys to play with because he may be getting bored and kicking out the seed for fun
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