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  1. Yes, there is no doubt that approxiamately 2.09AM is best. You'll find that most little birdies are dopy at this time, and are too sleepy to react much as to being stubborn. With much exercise in this area and at this time of night, you will find you can get your birdie to "sit" or "lay on its back" and even "chirp" for a seed. Friends will be utterly astounded to eventually see your budgie doing these weird and wonderful tricks. Hope this helps.
  2. Thanks guys for the responses. This little tyke has been like this for a couple weeks now, so obviously he needs to see vet. I hadn't noticed till tonight though the huge buildup of dung on his undercarriage. Being the weekend and no vet in sight, is there anything that you folks would recommend medicinally speaking?
  3. Man, I've got a budgie here about 7 years old, and suddenly without notice, he's puffed up big as a watermellon! He had a wad of dung hanging from him big as a cluster of sour grapes. Would anyone know what I should do for this little tyke? Your reply(s) shall be most appreciated. Thanks!
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