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  1. hi kaz ..thanks for your response .. its fully feathered...could it be older ?
  2. Should we place them all back into the aviary and place the baby back into its nesting box ?
  3. hi, my mum has her first baby and today found it out of its nesting box. He/she was sitting on the bottom of the aviary. There was only one baby that hatched. Its somewhere between 3-4weeks old. But after keeping a eye on it all day , she has noticed some of the other budgies are picking at it. Unsure even to explain how its looks to secure the correct age. Can anyone tell me ..does the mother push them from the nesting box or would it have left on its owns and why are they picking on it . My mother has removed the baby and taken the mother and father and placed them all in the
  4. Any suggestions for my new fellows name ? Jake the peg !
  5. This guy was selling him today at a market and after i asked about him ..he told me i could have him for half price ....bloody cheek ..he still wanted to profit from him ..so now he is sharing my night inside whilst we get use to each other .. Cant understand how anyone can still want to profit from this ..but even with his disability he seems okay ...bloody cute in fact. I'm more worried about my other budgies picking on him ... At times he seems to be able to place his leg under him but is going to sleep with his leg hanging in the breeze...
  6. Thanks Kaz i will look this up. Is it normal with this condition for him to stick his leg side ways in the air?
  7. Hi, Ive just got a baby boy..unsure on age with one splayed leg. Can anyone tell me how this happens and can it be fixed? cheers nik
  8. Hi , Ill clean out my aviary on the weekend just in case there is something on the floor material , whats the best insulation material for the floor ( natural) .?
  9. Hi, She seems to use her tongue , but she eats..i'll see if i can get a picture on the weekend when i have more daylight time ..
  10. All birds in together ? I wouldnt be too quick to blame the cold. Check to see if it gets damp in there and also check for poopy bottoms and birds getting thin. State of health will affect them on a cold night. And ages. Need more information. Hey Kaz, All my birds seem healthy , good weight (except my bent beak and no top beak duo) but they are healthy considering there short comings. No dampness on the floor, even when it rains it doesn't wash under the aviary. Yes all my birds are together and get on well. 1 budgie boy was 18mths old and other boy was 2yrs old. They are f
  11. Hi, Can anyone tell me why my budgie has lost her top Beak, its been weeks since it happened and its only starting to grow back now but very slowly. She was unwanted pet which i took into my place. She seems happy and has found a mate ( as they say beauty comes from within ) as she doesn't look the greatest without the beak. Will the beak grow fully back or will this keep happening and why did it happen ?
  12. Hi, I have been given a white budgie with a bent beak . The top beak grows to the left, and it seems to be very long. I have tried to cut away at it to reduce its size but not sure if i'm doing the right thing or how far i can cut it back. Can anyone advise me if i'm doing the right thing and why this is happening. She seems to eat and drink okay, as the beak leaves a opening on the right side due to the curve. Thanks Nik
  13. Hi, I have a 12ft*6 ft aviary. 3 sides have walls but only half walls/mesh on the sides and a internal door section. This morning living in Melbourne , 0 degrees when i left for work. I checked on my birds to say good morning before heading off to work to find one of my budgies had past away over night. Then to my disappointment i found another. Very sad! Can anyone tell me how i can keep my birds warm over these cold winter nights? Will Shade cloth on the open wirer areas be enuff or does anyone have other suggestions I have 16 budgies/ 4 cockatiels/5 quails and 4 bloody noi
  14. hi, wonder if anyone can give me some advise? Ive lost 2 hens this week both who seem to be spending time in the breeding box. No eggs in the box ..just in and out of the box.No signs that they were unwell, just found dead on the bottom of the aviary ? cheers
  15. Hi, she is about 2 and he is the same
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