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  1. okay well kaz as i said before they are not pidgeon feathers as i checked them....
  2. okay well thanks for all your help guys! Let me know of any other inout you may have regarding this. Thanks again :budgiedance:
  3. nah i just chcked the grey feathers they are definatly not pidgeon feathers as they have a bit of yellow on them. There were also actually 5 of them and about 2-3 inches long. and thanks zebra do i need to still go out and get some sulpha meds? cause i dont think there will be any pet shops still open which leaves me with no options.
  4. Pickles is a bright green and yellow and the feathers are grey which look like her underneath wing feathers
  5. She is definatly eating. How do i get sulpha meds if the pet shop is closed?? i am in melbourne does anyone know of any that are open past 5pm?? She seems okay nothing unusual. And as i mentioned before to "Liv's" post there are a few long grey feathers in the bottom of the cage which could be some of her wing feathers...
  6. Where do i get sulpha meds from and are they expensive?
  7. nah we have a doona sitting on top of the cage and we saw her ignoring the pidgeon Mice would not have been through her cage, they can't get into it. This is not an emergency is it? Vets are closed due to the public holiday is it okay to wait till tomorrow. If i put that stuff in the water and it doesnt have anything wrong with it other than stress will it affect my budgie in anyway?
  8. okay, well that is a relief, no she is not really acting any different i dont think apart from her wanting to pretty much stay in her cage when she normally loves to come out and that she is leaking water from her bum every couple of minutes, i did happen to notice that she has about 3 long grey feathers on the bottom of her cage, and i was actually just thinking that they could be her wing feathers. Should i maybe give the vet a call tomorrow just to double check? Thankyou for all your help as well
  9. Thanks for a quick reply. No unfortunatly we dont have any photo's. Her cage is huge so she definatly has enough room for a flap around. She is also a relativly small budgie, she doesnt look like she has changed size. It is really weird cause we brought her in last week and she was fine then, im a little bit worried and because of the public holiday the avians are closed We were maybe wondering she wouldnt have eggs would she?? We also noticed the other day that there was a pidgeon hanging around the cage... Could this be a factor?
  10. we have a tame female budgi named pickles, she is about a year old. we have had her in her cage outside for about a month while we tame a new budgie we just bought. Today i brought her inside and let her out of the cage and noticed that water is coming out of her bum every couple of minutes which we think it is a bit starnge as this has never happened before. She also went to have a bit of a flap and cannot fly she just flies low for a second then goes straight for the ground. we have been letting her inside every now and again for a flap while she has been outside and has been fine every
  11. Ummm... okay...? Firstly I placed the nesting box in there AFTER her behavious had changed... I suspected she was pregnant and thus placed it in there to give her somewhere to lay. Why would I need a nesting box in there if she has already laid her eggs? Surely once the budgies eggs have been laid it would negate the need to have a NESTING BOX. I put it in there so if she DID lay eggs she would have SOMEWHERE to lay them. I figured I would deal with the problem BEFORE it became a problem. As opposed to AFTER, which would be stupid. I found your response extremely rude, might wanna
  12. Hi everyone, Thanks for the replies, it's been very helpful. Actually it's interesting, we placed a nesting box in the cage a couple of weeks ago to ensure that if she laid eggs, she would have somewhere to do it, today I took it out, and the screaming minimalised dramatically. She was also apparently using the nesting box to escape Tanooki, and now that it is no longer there, she is now forced to endure him. However, she is still leaving these gargantuan poohs about the place, leaving green stains over our lovely white upholstery. The only things she's eaten lately has been he
  13. Hi all, I'm new to this forum, I'm also new to having budgies, Pickles :greenb: (female) is just over 7 months old, whilst Tanooki (male) is only just 3 months. We introduced Tanooki into the cage a couple of months ago, and the two seemed to hit it off, preening eachother and enjoying eachothers company, recently however, Pickles' behaviour has changed, in quite a number of ways. Firstly she seems to have dramatically lost interest in Tanooki, and while Tanooki follows Pickles around like he is her shadow, she just seems to argue with him when he gets too close, and she flies over t