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  1. Thanks all for your help. I really appreciate it.
  2. Thanks all for your kind words and help. Hopefully we won't have to go through this again .... although I really was enjoying looking after them!! I'm sure I'll be back for more advice soon.
  3. Thanks Kaz. Woke up this morning and it was gone. I knew in my heart when I went to bed last night that it wouldn't survive the night. i guess we can only look at it in the light that we tried. I just wish i hadn't got so attached to the little thing. Thanks for your help - I wish I'd found this site a few days earlier and maybe we could have done something to save it.
  4. Thanks Karen. We put the nesting box in a crate and my hubby put a safety light (attached to a regulator) in the crate to provide warmth. I think it's warm enough - I just can't understand why its crop doesn't seem to be emptying the last few days and it constantly topples forward - not the active little thing it was a few days ago. Have we overfed it ?? I'm so confusedWe are feeding it a hand raising formula from the pet shop (with a syringe). We were feeding it about 4-5 times a day, but today we only fed it 3 times as it seems so full !!!
  5. Hi - can someone please help me !!! I'm new at this forum, so I hope I'm doing this in the right area. 8 days ago, one of our budgies died, leaving 3 babies (9-14 days old approx). We brought them inside, visited the local pet shop for advice and started trying to handraise them. Unfortunately we lost the youngest 2, but the oldest seems to have been going great. 4 days ago it was active and if you put it down on the floor it would run around. If I put it on my chest, it would climb up to my shoulder and nibble on my neck/hair. However, it now seems unwell - its crop does not seem to empty between feeds (looks swollen) and it can't move around without falling over (seems to be top heavy). Can someone please give me some help quickly, as I'm scared we are going to lose our little one and I've done some serious bonding with it and would be devastated. As you can guess, we have never had to do this before - this is our first babies.
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