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  1. Well I know that 1,4,6, & 7 are boys, I just wanted that confirmed. And 2 is a hen, But I am not sure about 3 & 5
  2. Hi I want to know what sex these Budgie's are, if you are not sure please say so, if you only know some, then please still tell me. Thanks, Kirsty 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  3. Yeah thats seems like a good idea, what colours would they produce? Is 7 a greywing, would he go just as well with 2?Do you think 5 is a girl? If so would she go well with 1?Is 3 a girl? If so would she go well with 4?And what colours would they produce?Thanks heapsKirsty They are babies, I want to pair them up to breed next year.
  4. These are the birds I have that I would like to pair up for next years breeding. I dont really have a colour preference, although I do really like 1,2 &3. But not greens. I would like 2 or 3 pairs, 1, 2, & 3 are siblings 4 & 5 are siblings 6 & 7 are siblings 1 Male 2 Female 3 Not sure 4 Male 5 Not sure 6 Male 7 Male The front is the same colour for 6 and 7 Thanks Kirsty
  5. What are the best colours to combine when breeding Budgie's? Could you please direct me to a site with all the colour combinations and outcomes. Thanks Kirsty
  6. Hey I have a budgie almost the same as your lemon, and her name is... you guessed it Lemon!! Kirsty
  7. Yeah okay, it sounds like I should not have another clutch, I was wanting to breed my birds before we went on a holiday in January, but my dad does not want to wait for them to finish breeding, and they wont be quite finished before we leave so I was wondering if i could put them in a small cage with the babies in a bowl so the parents can see them, but it sounds like that would be a bad idea. The babies of this clutch are coming out of the nest at the moment, and i think one parent fed someonelses baby - not sue. They are very easy going. Thanks All Kirsty
  8. How could I tell if they are a pair I can move or not? And could I put them in another cage? Thanks
  9. I haven't needed to do it yet, just asking in case I need to do it. I want to know how it has been done successfully.
  10. Is it Possible, if yes how early can you do it, and how?
  11. Hi, My three females have each had a clutch of eggs (3,2 and 2), The babies are coming out of the nest at the moment. Should I let them have another clutch? Two are first time Mum's, (one has had a clutch of 4, 6months ago) We going on a holiday next year, so they wont be breeding then, so I thought it would not stress them to have another clutch. Thanks, Kirsty
  12. Hi, One more budgie died and the others have turned a nice healthy pink. I have had one more budgie hatch in the nest box where I put 1 foster baby that died. What type of supplement should I give my budgie's? They only get seed, greens, & Cuttlefish. Thanks, Kirsty
  13. No there was 2 from Blossom, and one from Lemon that died. Thanks all.
  14. I have cleaned the water and given them new seed. Will the other 6 die? One of the babies that died was in with 2 eggs that were due last thursday,(the baby was adopted) but they have not hatched, should I take them out? Will the female lay again? She laid 3 eggs and none hatched, she does have a mate and they seemed to be successful but the eggs are infertile. I have two females with 3 babies each should i put them in with one female? then the other one can lay again. Or is that to many for 1 female? How many can they cope with? Thanks Kirsty
  15. they are only young babies, and all the hens are breeding there is no sign of fighting!!! The water may be an issue Ill go and clean it, no i dont think mice can get in.
  16. I feed them a budgie seed from my local pet shop, and sometimes Whistler from Woolies Greens from the garden Cuttlefish There is no sign of sickness, they just die, and they look pale when they are dead. Colony bred, I have already had 1 clutch of 4 that none of them died. Thanks Kirsty
  17. Hi, About 3 weeks ago all my females laid eggs, they had 5,5,2. 4,5,0 hatched and I have had three out of nine die already. What am I doing wrong??? HELP please. Kirsty
  18. Hey I hope this one is okay. http://i279.photobucket.com/albums/kk121/k..._84365_2318.jpg
  19. Hey Kaz, Hurray Finally eggs. Thanks for your help I changed the nest boxes around and now all 3 females are laying eggs! One of them has three but she did not sit on them last night, but the other one with three did - when do they start sitting normally? Thanks Kirsty
  20. Thanks very much I will go and change them around, that article looks really good, Thanks Kirsten
  21. Here are some links to photos of the Aviary with the nest boxes,and the position the aviary is in(it gets afternoon sun): http://s279.photobucket.com/albums/kk121/k...lue2611/Aviary/ Password: z1x2c3v4b5n6m7 1. 1 1/2 Yrs Old I do know that I have 3 pairs, I have seen them all mating! 2. Aviary 3. In Picture 4. They are in an Aviary 5. Natural Bush trees 6. Picture 7. Whistler budgie seed/ Greens from the garden/ Shellgrit/ Cuttlefish 8. They are outside the kitchen window 9. We walk past occasionly , and we do have 1 dog that can walk past the cage. 10. Perfect as far as I know! I hope this helps you all help me! Kirsten
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