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  1. Sophia

    This Is Neat

    Hello neat ! Nice to meet you!
  2. Sophia

    Candeling Eggs

    Nice Pics Very clear to see aswell! ~*sophia*~
  3. To get them on your shoulder you can just place them on your shoulder or just stretch your arm out so it is straight and they should run up or you can tempt them with a piece of their favorite food. BUT never put a biting bird on your shoulder because it makes them feel dominant and it is going to be time for a bite on your face HARD!
  4. If you tame them one at a time the others might get jealous and follow him and want to come out! :ygbudgie: P.s Remember keep the sessions short and frequent
  5. Scooter is so cute i can't wait to get my baby budgie in 6 weeks i am counting down!!
  6. Please send a picture
  7. I am getting this cage for my budgie and cockatiel < click on this it is great value
  8. So sorry to hear that splat :mellow: Hope everything gets sorted out . Hope you are okay Soph xx
  9. Sophia

    New Budgie's

    Well i was going to get 2 budgies but there was only one budgie. Who had been born. so i am now getting a cockatiel aswell. The cage is big, it has a big door and wooden perches. We are planning to feed them a variety of things. Do cockatiels need grit ?????? :greenb:
  10. I think Max is a good name because it suits his image ! AWW!
  11. I need some names for my lovely budgie's but i can't think of any. Please help. :angel1:
  12. I would never put my budgie's outside in the first place
  13. Soon i am getting 2 bugie's from babies I am so excited Have u got and tips on how u can become best mates with your budgie's . XX
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