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  1. Congrats one looking into breeding ( don't know if you have done it before LOL ) I am not too sure if you and your sister's birds are housed together if not then be sure to quarrantine But I am glad that you stated you are looking at breeding some time next year as some of those photo's are of "underage" one ... But ... Like the others have said it depends on what YOU are after ... they are pet types so if you are breeding for selling or just to increase your flock size ... There is nothing more tranquill then looking into an avairy with a rainbow of colors .... But if it is your first
  2. Congrats on the first ringing be sure to keep us updated ...
  3. Oh Deb, Sorry to hear about the one that got away, Kids eh. They do the most darnest things. It is great to hear that the "replacement" has bonded and fitting well into his role... Fingers crossed it all works out and that the hen is a good mum ....
  4. Very Nice birds. VERY NICE .... This hen has staining above her cere .. might be an idea to keep a eye on that one - I love all the pieds you got good score!!
  5. :anim_19: Congrats - Love:wub: the happy snap
  6. Agree with Maes ...... Read up first before you start breeding you should have little losses with some knowledge behind you
  7. Quill mites you will need Ivermec which is obtained from your vet ... Birds can loose their feathers like that from stress related illnesses Ie: Mites , Quill mites, FM and moulting .... I am looking at the feather that fell out and like i have said to others I am not a "VET" but the quill end on a FM bird "usually" has a broken end - When i had issues that was the first sign the vets told me it a dead give away .... again contact local avian vet for a test - It looks like a premature feather that as fallen out due to the blood which is still in the shaft of the feather which
  8. ( don't know if this has been said yet) 115 . But when you see sheds and you wonder how can you turn them into bird rooms ...
  9. The only FM bird I have every breed came from 1 pair that they have breed 3 times for me with all healthy chicks but 1 chick which was fostered had FM I believe that it is a "in the nest" nutrition issue ( heat can play a good roll in that too)
  10. See I was close ... Knew it was hens .... I should have elaborated more on it ... was tried last night No need to be sorry to correct me mate .... Cock to Albino Hen 50%Normal Split Sex Linked Cocks & 50% Normal Hens Cock / Split Albino to Albino Hen 25% Albino cocks 25% split albino cocks 25% Albino hens 25% normal hens
  11. Wow ..... Purely Heaven mate ... Hows that song go again ... Gimme a home amongst the gum trees .. Love it
  12. Hey dodge. It is going to get a little hotter then a cool change soon mate ..... Keep up the added coolness on them only 4 weeks to go then the temps should be back to a bareable temp
  13. Look like FM or Quill mites like Kaz said Best to get a vet to look at.....
  14. Send MelbourneBudgies a PM or Maesie they are in VIC
  15. Hehehe .... I'll be late on this one ... YES it is a GIRL no doubt about it
  16. LOL ..... Dags hahaha
  17. Everyone goes with Snow or snowflake and etc .. .Me i would called it Hmmmmm Chardonnay or something that means white in another language ... You can breed her and will get a % of Albino Hens babies
  18. Agree he is male ... agree to have him quarantined in another room Is that poo on him ???
  19. http://forums.budgiebreeders.asn.au/index.php?showtopic=9447 Here is an article from Jim Sutton there is a bit in there about YF also members have added some photo's of there "type 1 & 2 & GF" this includes Daz & Kaz so saying that there is no such thing as a YF 2 seems strange whether we are in Aust or Africa it is something that we here have all "termed" and can identify with so now to call it something " correct" seems strange in more ways then one HERE IS THE ARTICLE that i think RIP is referring to
  20. oh bloody *** Brendan.... I am so glad that it had a happy ending .. My heart was racing while i was reading this I could only imagine what you went through ... Did you tell the Mrs bet she would have killed him too LOL
  21. you have been given a few nice names first thought was Opal LOL but that was taken tranquil was another one but that was taken and ocean was taken so i will go with Fiji Pacific Atlanta Soda Odyssey Waverly Truly Abby ( as her colour is like abalone shell) Good luck with finding the right name
  22. Agree with the others could be a few things like Kaz has mentioned but due to the rapid growth i would say more a feather cyst Best to get to an avian vet ....
  23. There is a wire called Snake and Mouse or Mice and Snake wire it is perfect ti use on the bottom of the aviary as nothing can dig under or get in ... It may be a pain in the but to redo but worth it in the long run ... I too have had Mice and rats in my aviaries I had villaboard floors, Timber floors and pavers the best thing I found was that wire it is a little more expensive then normal aviary wire but save a lot of birds Best o luck