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  1. I'd say give them another 6 months to a year.
  2. Some of you may remember I created previous topics and posted pictures of these little guys and or girls when they were hatchlings and getting their feathers on, well now they're all grown up, well mostly except for the adult* part of development, they're now about 2 months old 8 weeks is just an estimate since it wasn't documented just going by memory. Picture: 01 Picture: 02 Picture: 03 Picture: 04 Picture: 05
  3. I found him after a while he must've been above the laundry sliding door theres a wood frame for the slider there than he must've jumped onto the screen door eventually I put him back in the cage and changed all their food and water like I do 2 times a day. I think CJ could be a girl since the mother was green and the dad was lutino Dominant and Recessive shes got Ino ''red eyes too'' and developing a white cere.
  4. I woke this morning to go and feed the birds and one of my babies is gone the lutino he's only 6 weeks old, I managed to find the other one that got out I put mickey back but CJ has gone without a trace I've been searching the house for hours no windows were open and doors we're shut I can't find him anywhere i I'm soo upset he's too young to die. I just found him he was on the back screen door but he wasn't there before he must've been on the move since i never saw him Um can someone close this
  5. I am the green budgie. You are a Green Budgie! Take this quiz!
  6. Genetic Mutation in phenotype development DNA perhaps? I think she'll be fine their just feathers. It's not too far from the others feathers anyway though.
  7. I have eight budgies 5 adults and 3 baby's 5 and a half weekss old, I have got 2 adults hand tame one of 3 years and one of 2 months caring for them,I have managed to tame one of the babies too. For me it came down to luck and dedication.
  8. Mine fly around the loungeroom and sit all ovedr everything they like the top of the curtains they sit on the rods.
  9. The following: *Cage that's big enough *Cuttlebone for calcium *Fresh Seed,Water and vegetables daily *Breeding/Nest Box *Secure perches wood/natural sticks * and last but certainly very important someone to monitor them.
  10. Is that camera speed capture or something? 15 shots or something? they should be blurred.
  11. anywhere from 1-10,6 ia the average, mine had 6 but only 3 of them hatched and grew up.
  12. my birds live in the lounge room where their cages are they go to sleep usually when my mums finished out their usually about 9-12.
  13. mine don't touch fruit they leave the stuff, on the other hand they like green veggies which are generally in strings or are soft like grass,lettuce,cabbage, native leaves etc.
  14. I can verify the green bubs when they're older as for the lutinio chick the parents where lutino cock and green hen so i'll go with what soeone said here and assume that it's a female.
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