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  1. The browness above the cere means she has a little respiratory infection. Think of is as having the flu. If it gets worse, then you might need to consider meds or a vet, but at the moment, it is nothing to worry about. As Kaz said, the cage size is fine. Turn the perches so they run across the cage, not length wise. This means the birds will need to fly from perch to perch. Better exercise and budgies require this. Do not breed a budgie until they are 12 months old. Yes, they breed earlier in the wild, but they are a lot smaller, lay smaller eggs, and will breed until they die in teh wild. Self preservation is not a skill budgies possess. Wait until she is old enough. Once you have set up your cage, post some pics on here. People will be willing to offer some advice and help you out with anything else you might need. Good luck
  2. Well done. My Great Aussie shave date is tomorrow week. Some teachers are doing it at school. Why? Not only is it a good cause, but one of my friends, a teacher at school, his 4 year old daughter has recently been diagnosed with leukemia. So a 1 all over. I have had a number of cash donations, but none online ...yet. So help out if you can. Give you Maesie or give to me. Your call. I am not in it for personal glory. For me, I am in it as it is personal. I lost my best friend when I was 12 due to Leukemia. Now a friends of mine's daughter has Leukemia. Help find a cure people. Sponsor me for the Great Aussie Shave If you can help please do. Thanks
  3. First cock is a sky blue spangle Second cock is a YF2 Cobalt opaline cock Hen is a greygreen recessive pied Best guess on a quick look
  4. I went out to my aviary to find Quiche has passed on. It was hard to tell if he was sick as Quiche had an undiagnosed feather problem that prevented him from flying, so he was usually on the ground or lower natural branches. Quiche was a gift from Kaz, a son of Omelette. I think the stress of the flight to Sydney affected him and that resulted in his feather issues, something he never recovered from. Fare well in where ever you end up little one.
  5. I calm him down straight after I catch him. Minimisation of handling is the key - as Jenny said.
  6. Macka - that comment was not right, watch your step. I agree, it could be construed as offensive.
  7. I am not sure I agree with this advice. One of my best breeding cocks acts like this. He freaks out when you hold him, and he is called Twitch, as it is like he has a heart problem. i found that when I hold him, catch him, or put him initially in a breeding cage, he has some anxiety issues. Stroking his stomach helps. As for breeding - he is very fertile, produces great offspring - none of whom act like him - and he is the best Dad I have at raising chicks.
  8. So you are thirteen Flip-trainer? That would explain why in your correcting of Splat regarding her spelling, you went and used the word your instead of you're. Wow, that must sting a little bit - :D
  9. and the pics that show us this are where? When you get a chance show us the finished product.
  10. How old is your bird? A pieds cere does not necessarily change colour - to it may be male or an out of condition female. The age will help determine gender in this case as the female's cere will turn brown repeatedly over time while the males might stay as it is or go pinky
  11. Wow - here they sell budgies the size of bush budgies for $30, and something the size of a pet type/show cross for $40. Some places are such rip offs
  12. Hope for the best but check her for all signs of the worst. I hope she turns out to be a good hen.
  13. They look great Dan. Looking forward to seeing how they develop.
  14. Dave_McMinn

    My Fun Aviary

    Looks like a good set up. Necessity is the mother of invention, and you have doen a wonderful job adapting a larger aviary to your environment. Well done.
  15. I took some new photos today, of the young ones still in nestboxes. This is what I have: This little Cinnamon Opaline GreyGreen Hen is the spitting image of her mum staring in the nestbox. Here is Mum - My favourite and best bred bird - and daughter below- daughter is opaline obviously as dad is opaline. These two only had 1 chick in the second round - a grey hen - and although she had more eggs, time was not on her side. This is Twitch's nestbox. You can see him looking in. He is a visual green but he is split blue, cinnamon and opaline. In this nestbox there is an opaline sky blue hen, a cinnamon sky blue hen, a green cock, a sky blue cock and an opaline cinnamon green hen. This is the pairs second nest of 5 chicks this season. This green spangle hen had a DF spangle white cock, a violet green spangle cock and an opaline sky blue hen, and now she has had a violet sky opaline spangle hen. Father is Dumb - seen in my signature picture. Tomorrow I will try to get shots of the kids in the kindy cage.
  16. looks good. Got some pics with birds in there?
  17. obviously dommie pied, not recessive
  18. School has finished for the year, so I will try to get some better shots tomorrow. Maybe in a show cage. I think of the 15 in the Kindy cage, I counted 4 cocks. That is almost a 3:1 ratio of hens. And judging by the genetics, noise and biting of my hands in the nestboxes, there are a few hens in there too.
  19. Time for another update. With school ending I have plans afoot on some changes in my world and my budgies world. I will talk about that here in a little while. As for the breeding room, I figure with so many pairs removed - only 5 left - there is more room so a bigger kindy cage was set up. I wish I had the room to have this up all the time, but alas. Remaining breeding cages New Kindy Cage Here are some individual shots of birds in the kindy cage. Here are the shots of the little ones remaining. Pair 2 - Twitch and Albino Hen - 1 opaline sky blue hen, 1 cinnamon sky blue hen, 1 sky blue cocks and 2 green cocks. Genders of the last 3 are a little iffy as this stage. Pair 3 - Son of Dumber (RIP) and daughter of Twitch - Grey dominant pied opaline hen chick Pair 4 - Dumb and Light Green Spangle Hen - Youngest died soon after birth of yellow belly - surviving chick is an opaline sky blue spangle hen Pair 7 - Grey Cock to an Opaline Grey Spangle Hen - 4 new eggs - only her 2nd round - 1 chick in the first round. No picture, letting her sit on her eggs undisturbed today Pair 13 - Grey Cock to a GreyGreen Cinnamon Opaline Hen - chick is just like mum - greygreen opaline cinnamon wing hen. I just realised that this season has seen a large number of hens born to my birds, probably at least a 2 to 1 ratio, if not 3 to 1, in favour of hens.
  20. okay, I am only going to comment on the remaining breeding pairs. This is how things stand Pair 2 - Twitch and Albino Hen - 5 chicks from round 1 in kindy cage. 5 new hatchlings going well. Pair 3 - Son of Dumber (RIP) and daughter of Twitch - violet opaline hen from round 1 in kindy cage. New chick in nest - rung. Looks to be a grey dommie pied. Spangle looking feathers in tail, but may be due to being pied, not spangle. We will see. Pair 4 - Dumb and Light Green Spangle Hen - 3 chicks in kindy cage - 2 new chick in nestbox. Pair 7 - Grey Cock to an Opaline Grey Spangle Hen - 1 chick - grey normal - going well - hen looking to lay new eggs. We will see. Pair 13 - Grey Cock to a GreyGreen Cinnamon Opaline Hen - New chick in nestbox. Yes, I know, I promised pics. They are still coming.
  21. I have no idea what these "greens" are. I too would like an explanation
  22. I have a meeting after work, then parent meeting after that at 5, then I will head home, photos after that - hopefully
  23. It has been a long time since I last updated this thread. This is how things stand Pair 1 - Caesar Sky Blue and GreyGreen Hen - produced 2 chicks - albino and lutino. pair recovering now before goign back to the aviary soon. Pair 2 - Twitch and Albino Hen - 5 chicks from round 1 in kindy cage. 3 new hatchlings going well. Pair 3 - Son of Dumber (RIP) and daughter of Twitch - violet opaline hen from round 1 in kindy cage. New chick in nest - rung Pair 4 - Dumb and Light Green Spangle Hen - 3 chicks in kindy cage - 1 new chick in nestbox. Pair 6 - Opaline Grey to a Light Green Cinnamon Hen - No chicks - lost hen. Pair 7 - Grey Cock to an Opaline Grey Spangle Hen - 1 chick - grey normal - keeps jumping out of nestbox. Chick to go to kindy cage when ready, parents rested for return to aviary. Pair 9 - YF Opaline Sky Cock to a Light Green Spangle Hen - only 1 chick in kindy cage. Pair resting for return to aviary soon. Pair 11 - Sky blue cinnamon wing cock to greygreen hen - no chicks - returned to aviary. Pair 12 - Green Cock to a Grey/Blue Opaline Dominant Pied Hen - lost great chick - no new chicks, returned to aviary. Pair 13 - Grey Cock to a GreyGreen Cinnamon Opaline Hen - 3 chicks in kindy cage. New chick in nestbox. Pair 14 - Captain Jack (Light Green Cinnamon Cock) to an Albino Hen -no chicks - returned to aviary Pair 15 - Violet Opaline Cock to a Grey Hen - no chicks - returned to aviary Kindy cage is a little crowded. Looking into breaking birds up. Pics later rather than sooner -
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