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  1. Time to spend some more time here. Life has been hectic and birds have taken a back seat. That will slowly change over the coming months.

    1. Finnie


      Good to see you back, Dave, you've been missed.

  2. Kaz - Quiche is going to be paired up tomorrow. Omelette's legacy lives on!!!!!

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    2. stace


      Don't egg me on, Kaz.

    3. stace


      And if you run out of egg names, you'll have to resort to things like Bacon Sandwich, and Sausage Roll.

    4. Maddy


      oh man I am totally naming a bird sausage roll lol

  3. Time to stop being a fence sitter. I am now on the committee for my local branch. Finding my passion again!!!!

    1. **KAZ**


      in your budgie club Dave ? Good for you. I thought I was stepping back from club positions and ended up on the W.A. budgie council

    2. GenericBlue
  4. One week of school to go. More time over the hols means more pics. I promise!!!

  5. Looking forward to school holidays so I can do more work around home - especially in regard to the aviary and breeding room.

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