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  1. congradulations. Sometimes the hands on approach is all that will work I am so happy that you never gave up on this sweet little bird.
  2. She is only an albino if her eyes are red. And as an albino the only way her white will show threw is with a cock who is also albino or split to s libby said. If her eyes are black she could be a dark eyed clear or perhaps a double factor somthing?? sorry someone else will know this.
  3. Thanks everyone. I'll let you know how she goes
  4. Hey phoebe No i wont put a collar on her. I have watched her carefully and am convinced that she isn't plucking anymore. She is a very sweet little bird and im not put off by her baldness just as long as her health is okay im happy for her to stay that way.
  5. I have an albino hen who is about five years old. Last year i allowed her one last clutch of chicks which she did not do well with. When she was sitting on the eggs she plucked herself bear. And then soon as the bubs hatched plucked them too. It has been a good while since then but her feathers are not growing back. Do you think these feathers will grow back at all? And is it going to be a problem for her health if they don;t. Thanks guys.
  6. Since I have been considerable unwell this last week my family has been taking care of the birds for me. Today I was feeling a little better and i ventured outside. This is what I saw... A budgie bottom... A naughty girl... And two of these... I'll have to do that ingenious thing that i saw feathers do with plastic lids to stop them getting in there. Hen and partner and eggs have been moved to a breeding cage. I wasn't going to breed now untill after the summer but it seems the birds have ideas of there own. I also found a tame galah a lovely bird. We had him a week before I found his owner who was veyr happy to have him back. But it was too quiet without him. So I went out and got a bub of my own. His name is Skuz and he is still on one spoon feed a day.
  7. It troubles me that a breeder would allow such a young bird with an obvious problem go to a pet shop. But I'm glad she has found a good home now. Pretty little girl. Has she got a name yet?
  8. For the other breeders out there. Is it common for there to be a 'runt' in the clutch? One bird that doesn't seem to grow as well as the others? I have one bird in a clutch of six that is small. It's 3rd to hatch but it the smallest of all. He is three weeks. Feather development is normal and also gets regular feeds from mum and a few by myself when neccessary. Sweet litle thing seem healthy in every other way just very small. Is this a problem?
  9. Hi Nathan I found that putting my breeding cages in the safety door area of the avairy had the best results. Close enough to the other birds that they can hear them. But far enough away so as not to be distracted from the job. That seems to work best for me. Cheers Meg
  10. Hello Budgie people. My youngest chick is just over six weeks. And she has a big problem. I dont know how it happened but she has hurt her wing. She is holding in lower then the other. And when she tries to fly she only flaps her one good wing that sore one just hangs there. I know ill have to take her ot be seen by soemone but ay ideas about whats going on would be great. This is her and her siblings. she is the cin. on the right. Please help my little girl
  11. Three days ago I separated a very eager pair into a breeding cage and today we already have our first egg :fear I was after some help with the likely outcomes should the eggs hatch. The male is a normal Violet-green and the female a slightly older creamino And help would be great Thanks guys :greenb:
  12. Hey timbo. In my limited experience I agree with Bea YF2 sky blue somethin or rahter....
  13. the seond can't be green series as both parents are blue but perhaps YF2 recessive pied opaline spangle???
  14. A friend of mine who also breeds budgies let me know about another method for sexing budgies that I haven't seen discussed on here. I'm sorry that i don'tknow the name for it but i hope someone will understand what im on about. At the bottom of the bird near the vent you can feel very clearly two small bones. The gap between these bones is noticaley larger on a female then on a male. I have tested this on a few of my young ones and seems to hold true so far. Anyone have any thoughts on this method? is it discouraged for areason or is it completely false? thanks for your thoughts
  15. Hi guys Please help me figure out the mutations of these two birds. one is mine and one belongs to a friend but i wasn't able to figure out the mutation for her. Thanks
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