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  1. FGM

    Good Bye

    Well I haven't had time to pop in lately and when I do,Daz is leaving.I'm so sad to see you go Daz but also understand.Please keep in touch.
  2. Thanks guys,we usually do before and after shots aswell.Archie the cutie is a biter,but we don't hold it against him. more photos to come soon and I have a before and after of a severly matted dog.
  3. love the last fact that turtles breath out their bums! :hap: :hap: :hap:
  4. That's amazing!Was there more than one,maybe they are a pair and they might keep each other warm.Has there been any notices for lost birds around?
  5. Hi everyone,well it has been a very busy week for me last week.My boss went away from tuesday to friday and I was left in charge of the grooming salon.It was my first time by myself without her there.Although it was nerve racking,I really enjoyed the time and found a new confidence in myself that I didn't think I had. All the customers were happy with the results and now it means that my boss can have some days off.Here are some examples of what I did. below is Archie and he was sulking and wouldn't put his head up apparently I clipped one dog in 20 minutes from start to finish (maltesex) which is really quite fast. The poodles took me 45 minutes,the last dog in the photos took about 1 hour,he is not 1 year old yet and he pulls against you as you are grooming him.He is a goregous dog though. I still have more photos to upload aswell\thanks for reading
  6. Very cute and funny.My two cats talk to each other.Squishy sometimes talks to me aswell,he has a girly voice.hehehe
  7. They all seem to have the whiteish marks around the holes on the cere,which would suggest female. Leaving this one to the pro's. But they are all little cutie pie's!
  8. FGM

    Game: Go Fish

    Yes,several people! Have you bought any new pets today?
  9. Awwwww I'm so jealous!
  10. wow,I couldn't imagine having more than one ringneck.I bet they are all characters.Very beautifulHere is Mr Bojangles,he thinks he's a budgie!
  11. OH MB knowing how you are feeling,everything is going wrong around at my place lately aswell!!!! I hope you guys haven't jinxed my dish washer now!
  12. Hi and welcome!I would say a girl too.
  13. FGM


    I'm in love with the pied!So cute,all of the other birds look amazing Daz!
  14. I wanted to be a vet or vet nurse and a Mum. I am a Mum,was a child care worker and now I am a dog groomer! I was in the vets the other day grooming an aggressive dog and I asked the vet to take the syringe out as I was going to pass out from it! lol Don't think I will be becoming a vet or vet nurse.lol Loving the dog grooming,everyday is an adventure,now that sounds like being a mum too. :hap: :hap:
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