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    I love birds i love them all i love computer and more i love a lot of things i just love anything that i get addicted too lol.
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  1. it's just a tall wide cage, the budgies head can't fit through trust me they have tried.i know i may seem like i know nothing but i know enough to impress a professional breeder, i visit breeders web pages also i have visited many i mean many breeding pages for info, even if you all can guide me through the process that would be fair, i have seen people who only had budgies for like a month and then try to breed them and are successful,
  2. they are not in the red cage anymore i haven't had time to take pictures yet, they have bin out of that cage for a while now the pictures may be there but the cage is gone thrown away, i got a $214. cage it's actually a cockatiel cage but i bought it for the budgies. please don't put doubt on me. can you please have a little faith.
  3. okay kaz i just bought that cage from a pet shop a few weeks ago about 3 weeks,they are in a bigger cage it's night here so i'll take the pictures tomorrow. i hope they are male and female or i will have to get normal budgies.o
  4. I got my new budgies one name is miley cause i am sure it's a female, but i think the other is a female also i am gonna post a picture in a few or tomorrow for help?this is the both of them miley on the left,them againagain. Ps> if the cage looks bad to you, they will only be in it for to night, it is peeling i don't know why. it's not even a year old, also there is a perch in it now this picture was taken before the perch was put in.
  5. Thank you very much KAZ if any one else has info they can add that would be great
  6. i know a lot of breeding information but the breeding cage is a different,i am not sure how i can do it with out a metal cage front like daz's own thats all i ask but to tell you the truth i am totally ready, :angel1: i am just wandering how to make a breeding cage front with mesh screen, THANK YOU!!!!!
  7. hey this is shaquille i changed my name i am planning on opening up a small business, it is called skyblue aviary . i wanna know if i can breed easier and faster through colony breeding or by pair breeding.
  8. I think i will make it 8ft then, thanks Kaz.
  9. Well i am getting two new budgies in a few days, the male is gonna be a sky blue normal cock and the hen is gonna be a sky blue recessive. i am going to keep them separated till they are put in the aviary i am going to build also i need some ones help on how to build a breeding cage with, a metal cage front like from mesh screen.
  10. I know i haven't posted in like half a year or more well it has been tough i have no birds right now, i am building an aviary i was wondering if the experienced can cope me through this when i start i don't wanna mess it up for the birds and trouble starts. i will be getting 2 budgies first, if i try breed them in an aviary by them selves next year will they if it is 6ft square and 12ft tall.i would really appreciate the help. Thanks!!!!
  11. Skyblue aviary

    New Avairy

    thats the same idea i have for my future birdroom I'm watching you daz, just kidding(but that is my idea)
  12. I got another new budgie his name is toby he was named by kirby i think that name suits him http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k299/bud...urebirds036.jpg he is in a mess from me just putting him in the cage is a quite the biter. http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k299/bud...urebirds034.jpg his vent looks bad so he is going to the vet tomorrow Moderator’s Message to user Pictures were over the 450 x450 limit on this board, I have changed them to links.
  13. thanks alot bubbles i appreciate your infomation very much But i am trying to figure out something here i have a budgie name angel had her for 2 years she has been in breeding condition once since i had her and that was they day i got her i got her in breeding condition and she hasn't been back in since then. does anyone know why her hormones seems to be non-active
  14. I wanna know can someone please tell me all they can tell me about breeding i find breeding budgies very difficult i've trying for a long time now so i wanna try one more time i wanna grow up to be a budgie breeder please. i have just bought a breeder cage all wire 3 female budgies 1 male 2 males- coming on wednesday nest box(built by me) cuttlebone eggfood egg biscuit water perches what else do i need for breeding and what am i to do now i have tried so hard and never got an egg. can someone be a good friend and tell me how i should set it up please i wanna be like some breeders on this forum.
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