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  1. I live in a rural area, I have a huge old canvas tent in the shed and thought of throwing that over the aviary and then a sprinkler on the aviary roof, which would wet the canvas, providing some protection for the birds. I will be interested to read others thoughts.
  2. okay I have been researching this, cinnamons have washed out body color so I am torn between 2 and 4! I'll go with 4. I am often wrong and probably am again but this is a great way to learn.
  3. No. 1, no..... No. 4?? okay I am going to stick to No. 4 Can I phone a friend??? (Laughing out loud)!
  4. They are all beautiful birds, I see Jeanie likes a bath! By The Way I just loved the Chef from the Muppets - loved it when he put the holes in the donuts (with a gun!)! That always just broke me up.
  5. Nerwen thanks! (Laughing out loud)! I certainly hope someone learns from my mistakes! Always good to find the silver lining in any situation! Especially those little unexpected pink ones! :fear And, I am happy now about the babies, it just took awhile for the shock to wear off! :hap: Must admit though, I am still shaking my head at the surprise of it all! :hap:
  6. Now you tell me the secrets to addling! (Laughing out loud)! I only gave them a good shake once, put a dot on the egg so I knew it was done and waited for the next egg to be laid. I have been thinking all day what to do with the remaining 6 eggs. Now some of you may not agree with me (and that's okay!) but I have decided to leave them in the nest. If some hatch that is fine, if I did manage to addle some of them that is o.k too. But I can't just take them away now as, if there are chicks developing they may well be quite advanced and I would feel as if I am killing a bird. I hope you don't think I am an idiot but that is the way I feel. Luckily I have a good sized avairy, so any chicks that I don't find a good home for, can stay with me. And this time the nesting box is evicted as soon as the chicks fledge. No more babies for this pair! :hap:
  7. You would be familar with Lady and Buttons who just raised Jellybean, Pinto, Cashew and Peanut. Lady laid two eggs before the last of her chicks left the nesting box and I addled them, along with the next 7 she laid (9 all up), I have been waiting for her to lose interest in these dud eggs and I looked in the nesting box this morning and there are 3 babies!!!!!!!!!! I was so shocked that I actually went back into the aviary to double check I wasn't seeing things! Now I shook those eggs good (or so I thought!) but obviously not enough! I seriously am in shock, those babes must have meant to be hatched!!!!! Geez!!!!!!
  8. Thanks for the great explanation! Clear and simple, a bit like me! (Laughing out loud)!
  9. They are beautiful! I had not heard before that pet shops don't like them! Amazing!
  10. I am always keen to learn more about our feathered friends, even though I have no plans to enter the show ring myself!
  11. That's it! I have had this bird hanging about the backyard for a couple of months now. I tried finding out what it was and couldn't and then in this thread there's a picture! The Grey Butcherbird! He comes to try to steal the dogs food and I was worried for my birds because of that nasty looking hook on the end of his beak. One good thing though is the dogs are constantly chasing him away.
  12. I wish to agree with Lovey, sadly it does happen in all forms of breeding. In the pursuit of the perfect cat, dog or bird mistakes happen. I have a dog who is the result of bad breeding. The "breeder" I got him from was so keen to cash in on the designer small dog market, that she did not care for the welfare of the offspring. As a result the pup that I adopted (and all his siblings) were born with a brain stem dysfunction which resulted in the pups having gross motor and coordination problems. And she continued to try to breed from these dogs! Now I am not saying all breeders do this, I know there are many, many caring breeders out there. But the ones that are motivated by the almighty $ are the worry. And I am sure there are none here on this board. The breeder where I got my dog from has now been shut down and prosecuted, although she has now opened a pet shop!!
  13. I am no expert and I am sure someone will be along soon with more experience that I have. But my first thought was, I am sure in the budgie world there are some hens that simply are not good Mums and perhaps should not be breeding. The other thought was how old is Pebbles, I believe it is ideal if the pair are 18 months old, that way they have the maturity to raise their babies with optimal success. I love your birds names, very cute!
  14. Aawww! Too cute! I am so looking forward to the time when I can have an inside budgie! (when my two cats have departed - mind you I love them dearly too!) In the meantime I am happy to avairy gaze! (Laughing out loud)!
  15. Hi! I haven't looked in on this thread for a while - How your babies have grown! And such beautiful birds! Congratulations!
  16. That's great, they were really enjoying themselves so please tell us what was in the bowl!
  17. This is not my aviary but will share some photos if I can remember to take my camera when I go to visit! She told me on the phone last night that she found an old pump in the shed so has rigged that up so there is now a small bubbling fountain in the bird bath - when she gets her birds they will be so spoilt!
  18. Hi! After my first, very happy and successful venture into breeding budgies, I have a question. When budgies mate does the sperm stay viable in the females reproductive tract for a few days thus fertilising a few eggs. Or is it one mating results in one fertilised egg? Perhaps someone knows of a web site that gives detailed info on this topic. I have googled this question but not come up with much of an answer!
  19. Thanks Daz and Bubbles, I shall pass that info on. This aviary is looking great, she has landscaped it with Aussie native grasses, an old bird bath with small rocks in it so it's not too deep, and she has even bought a small gum tree that she plans to bonsai in it's pot to keep it's size under control (if the birds don't eat it!). The aviary is looking like something out of the Aussie bush!
  20. Hi! Asking this for a girlfriend....She is just setting up a small 2m (width) X 2m (depth) walk in aviary. I have been helping with perches, flooring, feed dishes etc. but she was wondering how many birds could she house comfortably in an aviary this size. I thought 15 - 20 but promised I would ask the experts! Thanks for any advice you could share.
  21. Thanks for your thoughts Rainbow. I have had Beau from a baby and he is now 2 years old. I am not sure of Clouds age, I spotted her in one of those tiny pet shop cages and just had to bring her home!
  22. None of mine were Vet checked! You got me thinking because whenever any of my other pets, cat or dog, came home I had them at the vet - checked, wormed, flead and vacinations done within that first week. My budgies only got that lonely month of quarantine!
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