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  1. I have THREE exams on Monday, they are for the Cardiovascular system, Admissions and Discharges and Anaesthetics, so I'm going to be all studied out by the end of the week. But its all worth it in the end!!
  2. You will love it Splat, its the best thing I've ever done!
  3. You dont sound stupid at all. To gain practical experience as part of the coarse we have to find a vet surgery in our area who will train us. We learn techniques such as cleaning surgical instruments, vaccinations, how to set up an anaesthetic machine for surgery, how to restrain an animal for the vet. It tons of fun!! All our time is voluntary but I dont mind. So we do one day a week at Tafe and then one day a week at the vets. The coarse goes for two years.
  4. Hi Splat! I have done the Animal Studies at Tafe earlier this year. It was fanstastic, I'm sure you will love it! I am now into the Vet Nursing course, I admit its harder, but very interesting! You think you're old in the tooth, what about me? I'm going on for 49 years of age so if I can do it , I'm sure you can! I dropped out of High School at Year 10 and didnt know the meaning of the word "study"!! I have work placement at a small animals vet clinic in town where I live, so I was very lucky as some girls have to travel for an hour or more for their placement. I wished I'd have done this 20 years ago, I finally found my "niche"!!
  5. Hi again everyone, hope you're all well. Its been quite a while since I've had a spare few minutes to browse the forum! This vet nursing coarse is very time consuming, with all the assignments, tests etc. I'm still doing work placement at the local small animals vet clinic. I absolutely love it! Sadly I've had to give up my budgies, as I wasnt being fair to them by not having the time to dedicate to them that they deserve, I will miss them terribly but hopefully one day will have the time to devote to them ( probably when I'm 80!) I will make an effort to visit more often, talk soon!
  6. Well now I know why I've been feeling like c@#p for the last 6 months. I was diagnosed (finally) with Fatigue Syndrome.Its not the chronic one but it can develop into that if I'm not careful. It has been very very frustrating going to GP's and then specialists where I eventually got my answers as to whats wrong with me.l Just wondering if anyones had it as well and how you coped with it?
  7. Thanks Libby, I've got 2 exam results, in one I got 88% and the other I got 58/60. So that wasnt too bad having not studied before in my life!!
  8. Wow, it's been ages since I've been on this forum, I've missed you all very much! I have no time at all anymore, it seems, since doing the vet nursing course. I'm inundated with assignments, exams, etc along with working the rest of the time. I hope everyone's birds are happy and healthy. Looking forward to having a bit more time hopefully in the very near future!
  9. Hi again everyone! Getting a few minutes to myself these days is getting harder lately - so please forgive me for not being round much. I have different snippets of news for you all. I had a birthday a few weeks ago and gained a new family member - another cocker puppy! Her name is Buffy and she is just gorgeous! I have also aquired a blue pair of Princess Parrots which hopefully will breed for me this breeding season!! And today my first budgie chick arrived for the year! My vet nursing course is going very well, I had 4 exams in the last 2 weeks so have been doing LOTS of study! I never realised how much time I dont have any more!I love the course though and the work placement, its the best thing I've ever done (other than having my kids of course!)
  10. I have eggs!!!! Well, not me, my poor old ovary (only have one left) is slowly shrinking ,,,, anyway on with the story, my budgies have eggs! I only paired them up just under 2 weeks ago! One pair have got 3 eggs and one pair have one so far!! Sorry, I should've posted this in the breeding section - just goes to show how long its been since I've been on this site
  11. I'm just loving it Kaz, my only regret is I didnt do it years ago! I look forward to every Friday as thats my day at the vets. I have eventually found my "calling", better late thn never I guess!!
  12. Not sure if you remember or not but I'm doing a vet nursing coarse at Tafe. I had my first exam today that I've been studying madly :bliss: for and as it turned out I neednt have worried so much. Half the stuff I studied for wasnt even in the exam :bliss: So I have my that I passed!!
  13. I know Krosp, will get around to changing it one day, or..... . I could leave it so its there for this Christmas!!
  14. Hi everyone!! Boy - have I missed you guys! Seems like I dont have any time anymore, doing the Vet Nursing course,working at Big W, working at the vets, I get just one day off each week and thats spent doing Tafe homework etc etc. I actually took some time out on the weekend to pair up my budgies for the breeding season.So hopefully will have eggs within the next few weeks.
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