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  1. Hi Finnie, lots changed on the site since I've been here last. My profile says "Member Since 13 Jan 2006" I hope I'll come back with birdies again I have to work things out - we also have 2 crazy cats now and my son has a mite allergy, so it's a bit more difficult.
  2. Don't know if someone still remembers me, but I had the need to log in and say hello. I miss this forum and you guys . In my head I'm still planning some aviaries, so I didn't give up yet and probably never will My kids are growing up fast and they will surely ask for some pet soon, so mummy can get "them" budgies Hope you're all great Zebra (who hasn't been here for a long time... )
  3. Oh Kaz, she is sooo cute and growing up so fast . I sometimes come here to see how you all are, but not having any budgies still makes me sad, so I don't look around here too much But I couldn't resist to log on now - cause we are also expecting a little brother or sister to Benny (end of February if everything goes well...) I wish your daughter great pregnancy and a happy new baby I miss you all guys !!!
  4. Hi all, I just wanted to see how you are and update Benny's photos . He is nearly 1 I'm missing the birdies every day, the spring is here and everytime I hear a bird singing outside I remember them
  5. Hi Kaz, Evie is soooo beautiful . I love the first picture . I was showing the pics to Benny and he also liked her, he smiled at her :rofl:
  6. Thank you guys so much , I hope I'll get here more often - Benny plays by himself a little more, but we still fixing the house, so it's always something to do and clean About a month ago my husband had an interview for a job in Sydney, so you can imagine how excited I was , first he did get it, but in the end we cannot go, as there are many things that are problem, they said Australian laws don't allow such a little child to move there, we also have some loans here, which they said is a problem too, etc. so I'm a little disappointed. I was already thinking about the post I'd send you "watch out, Zebra is coming" :rofl: Hills, my husband has a dust allergy, and feathers make also lots of dust. When we still had the birds inside, he had to take pills all the time, later we moved them outside and he was better, but he still has to take pills for the night, as this is an old dusty house. The symptoms are normally that his nose gets swollen inside and he has difficulty breathing, his nose is dripping, his eyes are red and he also gets a strange red patch on the bridge of his nose which is there only when he feels bad (he doesn't scratch there, it just appears there ) and of course sneezing and coughing. There is also a lot of allergies in my family, so there is really big chance for Benny to get some And as our dermatologist said when there are allergies in family, the kids can be atopic which means they are more likely to get some allergy, as it's in their genes (but don't have to get any), but no one knows which allergy - my son got ekzema, but it can still go away or get worse or he can get some allergy (and it can come anytime in his life). I hope it makes sence, the way I wrote it That's what we were told. But it's interesting that my husband grew up in South Africa and never had problems and when he moved back to England he got it , so I thought living in a warm dry place near ocean helps and people don't have so many problems with allergies Benny's ekzema is better now, we got lots of smelly oitments and as I'm brest feeding him I have to have a little diet - the worse for me is no chocolate :sad: , but I did have some at Christmas, but I must stop eating it again
  7. Thank you so much Elly, I still feel like crying when I think about them :sad: . Yesterday evening my husband was playing old videos that we have made and there were so many videos of the budgies and even video of my baby cockatiel Nicky, when he was a baby and it was so emotional for me to watch it . Since we took them away I didn't go to the aviary once, I just can't Sometimes I'll drop in to see how you are, miss you guys
  8. Hi everybody, I haven't been here for so long - over 16 000 missed posts (I can see you have so many new smilies ). I have some sad news - I gave all my birdies away . After thinking it through I decided they are better off, as I didn't have as much time for them any more and we found out Benny has a atopic ekzema, so there is also a big chance for him to get bird feather allergy (like my husband has ). Even when they were outside, I'm afraid Benny would want to go insite with me (when he's older). I found a man, who's a bit older, so he has more time. He already have some other birds, so I think they are in good hands - I hope . I'm happy he took all of them, as they are used to each other. I miss them badly every day, I had them longer then our two dogs . I feel very guilty, as I promised them to take care of them forever, when I got them. I really hope they are happy over there. I hope he will send me some photos, as he promised... So I guess I shouldn't be here any more, as I don't have any budgies . I miss you guys and I will come here sometime just to look how you all are. Hope you are all well, have a wonderful Christmas and very happy new year 2009 :tree: Here is a picture of Benny - 8 months old already
  9. Sorry Zebra don't know about them?? Don't worry, I think I'll take the sunflowers away anyway, they don't look good to eat
  10. Thank you Denise . Do you think even sunflower plant and hemp? These don't look eatable to me
  11. I have tried to grow budgie and cockatiel mix, but I don't know if I can actually feed it to them. There is millet, I think it's okay to feed, but then there is also canary seed, hemp, linseed, nigerseed, safflower, buckwheat, sorgho, sunflower, paddy rice, oats, yellow panicum. Did you try to feed some of these plants? They love the grown millet, but I'm afraid to try the rest I've just spread it in a pod and it's growing very nicely, but if some of it is not okay to feed as a plant, I'll only grow the ones that are safe
  12. Zebra


    He is gorgeous and your cage is also very nice . He looks like a happy boy
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