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  1. "Maybe... just maybe!... If i push this thing down... I will get a treat?" "Do I have somephin' in ma teeph?!" "WOW! If I hold onto this tail, the left side of me looks like a baby opaline... then the right side of me looks kinda like big boy Blinkies!" "You seem to have pee'd on your cheeks, wings, and tail, let me help you..." "now this is a hard toy to DESTROY! *sigh*" "RAWWRRR!!!! BUDZILLA IS COMING TO EATTT YOUUUU!!!!"
  2. Nathan.

    Separate Flights

    I agree with Kazza, especially like the last comment
  3. Wow very good signs, Im happy for ya! Keep us posted on their progress
  4. With your wonderful care, insane knowledge, and gorgeous healthy birds.. of COURSE they will be great bubs Libby! Can't wait for you, I know how much you adore those stunning fallows
  5. Spring is the natural time for any wild life to reproduce. And personally, I bred my budgies when they were ready. Even if that meant the middle of winter. I would increase light (UV bulbs), give them more baths, and give them even more vegies and suppliments to get them in tip top condition, as if they would in spring. I would let my pair(s) have 2 clutches right after eachother, than many months 'on vacation' hehe I hope the pictures work out, I'd love to see your flock!
  6. Nathan.

    New Budgie

    What a cutie! Good pickin' mate I'd say Olive too!
  7. (Laughing out loud) again Kaz, you are right :yellowhead: Think how many times I have changed my mind in the past day regarding flights/aviaries and cages, let alone the years until I can do this plan...
  8. Yes, good point mate. Oh well, at least I can still have a lot of birds and give them adequate housing. Plus out of cage time daily :yellowhead: I just drew up what all these 7 cages would look like side by side. Here is the quick sketch:
  9. Yet another good idea. But then I would need more wood, and that means money. So since I am not sure how well off I will be at the time I may not be able to afford it. You bring up a good point though Kaz, and It sounds reasonable. Then I can make it however big I would like *Hmmm...* UPDATE: So I thought about it, and Yes I still want to make a flight cage with wood and wire myself e.t.c. However, I have found some very cheap places selling brand new wire cages that made me think! There is a kit of 3 white breeding cages, 24" x 16" x 16"... with a stand, perches, and cups, for only $100 The same place also has white 36" x 18" x 18" dividable flights, in a set of 3, WITH stand for only $200 Also found a place with black, 32" x 18" x 26" flight cage (like my blue one) with perches and cups, for $115 So I thought about it, and this is what I am thinking of doing (assuming I could go out RIGHT now and get them, yes again Im planning ahead and this deal might not still be on, but what the heck, im dreamin'! :yellowhead: ): -getting TWO of the triple stacked 24"x16"x16" cages.......... TOTAL $200 -getting TWO of the triple stacked 36"x18"x18" cages.......... TOTAL $400 -getting TWO of the black 32"x18"x36" flight cages.............. TOTAL $230 -then having my current blue flight cage aswell................... FREE! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FINAL TOTAL.......... $830.00 That's only 5 cockatiel babies that I would need to sell to get all those things, and still have $70 left over for other things (toys, perches, nest boxes e.t.c) Then any babies after that would go towards getting birds to fill 'em up So then I would have 3 flight cages (one for lovies, one for budgies, one for tiels) that would house non-breeding birds. The bigger breeding cages (6 total) would hold my breeding pairs of cockatiels, and young babies weaned and ready for new homes. Then the smaller breeding cages (6 total) would hold my breeding pairs of lovebirds and budgies, as well as young weaned babies. Again, I have changed my mind... but this would work out awesome! Then I would not have to build anything (although I may still build flights) for a while. It would also look nicer if the room was full of nice looking, same styled, cleanly setup cages. Rather than a mumble jumble of different styles and stuff (home made vs bought). Know what I mean? It would also be easier to move around if I had these style and sized cages.
  10. (Laughing out loud)! :yellowhead: I was also going to make it taller (was thinking of 6') but then again... what if I move and the flight cannot move around a corner or something, becuase of it's height or something. You know what I mean? I would rather be safe than sorry... ahaha yes I am, thank goodness! I think Im going to make a new design today, one more better suited. I really don't like how I have the doors in the above one. Not sure why I did them that way and big? (Laughing out loud) Stay tuned for an updated drawing!
  11. Yup I know what you mean I may use sand afterall. Who know's!okay guys, here is the sketch I made quick to show you what Im thinking of doing: Details are written out there below the flight drawing. To sum it up, I'll make at least 1 of these with money from breeding my cockatiels, if not 2. I will keep my bigger birds in this 'aviary' (flight). So say I have 5 tiels and 5 budgies, I will put the 5 smaller budgies in my blue flight cage I have now, and the 5 tiels in this flight open with no divider in it. Then say I have 2 tiels, and 10 budgies... I'll put the tiels in the blue cage and give this big flight to the budgies. I also would like to breed lovebirds in the future. So that is why I mention them in the sketch. With the extra money from the cockatiel babies (after making this flight) I will buy some gorgeous budgies and as I said, I'm thinking of lovebirds too. If thats the case, I may get 4-6 budgies and however many (maybe proven or young sexed pair) of lovebirds, and put the species divided in this flight That would work great! I will also be making breeding cages, or buying brand new wired cages cheap from my warehouse freinds like I did before... to use for breeding once birds are old enough and in condition. What do you think?ps- the reason it's 'only' 5 feet long is incase I move, hopefully it will be managable to carry and move to my new house. I wanted bigger, but then I'd have to dis-assemble or sell the cage... then whats the point? So this way I still get a decent sized cage, and even still.. TWO decent sized cages for probably $150 custom home built Oh I'd like to add. The doors will be 3' tall and 30" wide. Wow that seems big now that I think about it (Laughing out loud)! Oh well. Then that leaves 2 feet above the door for birds to go while the door is open. *I may end up making the doors smaller now that I think about it... Hmmm*
  12. Ohhhhh okay! Goodness he has slacked Can't wait karen, when are they coming?! I wish I was there to help, I would in a heart beat! For payment of budgies of course hehe
  13. Hey mate! Im just wondering who the parents were of baby from post #119? His spangling is SOOO PERFECT and I've heard of ways to pronounce them, so did you try to do that? Or he was just a lucky well marked bub?
  14. Oh shucks... get in the game hubbies (Laughing out loud) Im glad you are getting it done kaz It might even turn out nicer with conrtractors instead of Ken :blush : hehe
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