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  1. I don't have one favorite -- but I like yellowface greys, violets, and clearbodies
  2. They are all beautiful. I love Atlas' coloring.
  3. I think he's a might be a mauve with violet factor (s)
  4. Aww.. Jack is a cutie.. I agree looks pretty young.. but you are in the right place for advice, etc. I'm actually going to say that Jack looks boyish to me -- based on the shape of the head.
  5. It looks like the pied has one dark factor so you could get sky blues and cobalts some yellowface. You may still get recessive pieds if it turns out that the female is split for it.
  6. I must have been around when you got him because he looks very familiar to me.. They actually make a very cute couple
  7. Hi -- I hope that everything goes well. A young male will have a pinker cere (fleshy area above the beak when the nostrils are ) and will not have white rings around the nostrils. May be harder to tell to an untrained eye -- but they aren't that hard to pick out. A female can also be a good pet budgie too.
  8. (Laughing out loud) -- I like it "catnip for budgies" Great shots.
  9. Pretty birds -- (Laughing out loud).. I was thinking Sky blue and that Sublime was a mutation I hadn't heard of (Laughing out loud) when I saw this thread.
  10. The parents are gorgeous .. test mating or not.. I'd love one of their babies
  11. I love yellowface greys too.. I saw one for sale not too long ago
  12. She is cute. I would say yellowface opaline cobalt.. but not 100% sure.
  13. RIP Whitie -- 14 years is a long time . I am sorry for your loss.
  14. They are all gorgeous (Laughing out loud) at the name Phat Tony
  15. Great names. Oscar looks a lot like my grey budgie Steve.
  16. Hi Rob. You have some beautiful birds
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