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  1. Hi all, some of the very old timers may remember me from many moons ago I am here now because I desperately need your help. A little boy I know had a pet budgie, Bubblegum, and a couple of weeks ago Bubblegum went to Rainbow Bridge. This little boy (Tommy) is autistic,and Bubblegum was the light and love of his sometimes very closed and private little world. It is his birthday today, and last night his mum asked him what he was hoping for, for his birthday presents, and he started crying again, and begged for just one more day with Bubblegum instead of his presents :'( PLEASE, does anyone in the Lancashire or merseyside area have a hand reared or vert tame budgie for sale? Can anyone here help me to heal this childs heart? The budgie will have a wonderful home with Tommy and his family, and will also have other budgies to mix with as well, but primarily, he will be Tommy's little friend. Can anyone help, please? many, many thanks, Annie xx
  2. It's been years since I was here, but I noticed today that the memorial video I made can no longer be viewed, so I have reloaded it to youtube. I also changed the backing track as I think this one is nicer. I know this video meant so much to everyone when I made it, so here it is back for the old members. Im much better at these things now, so if you would like a completely new and better quality vid, let me know xx
  3. Elly, teapot went downhill very suddenly. One minute deemingly fine the next, fluffed, quiet, huddled and not eating. We all know that at this stage, he's been declining for sone time, but being a bird, he hid it, as birds do. His post mortm/necropsy showed severe liver and kidney failure, he didnt stand a chance I just cant believe it, i really cant. Please go and light a candle for dear little Teapot here... http://www.gratefulness.org/candles/candle...ng&gi=Teapt
  4. Thankyou everyone. yes, Teapottie was one in a million, I cant actually believe, or am currently unable to believe that this isnt just a bad dream. I just keep thinking ''this cant be! this can NOT be'' yet, of course I know it is. It was my hands he took his final sleep in. It just seems unreal
  5. The oldest bird I ever had was my Amazon, Cinders (see picture below) She was 76 years of age when she passed away.
  6. After battling so hard, my beloved Teapot passed away quietly in my hands on Tuesday night. There will never be another cheeky Teapot, and I still cant quite believe its happened.
  7. Im not sure Elly, I think about 3 months... but maybe a bit older. I would say a juveneile tho
  8. Thanks everyone, glad you liked the video Im always making videos, (Laughing out loud)! The cere is actually purple, my camera must be rubbish, (Laughing out loud)!
  9. Thanks Elly and Kaz Does this picture make it any easier to sex Philip? If its any help, 'he's' starting to talk!
  10. This is my one and only little bird now, I love him dearly! Sorry some of the pics are poor quality, but can you tell me what his type is? I havent a clue! http://photos.imageevent.com/chirpy/special/PHILIP.wmv
  11. Thanks Kaz, I shall pass that on! I'll mention about the flash aswel!
  12. This is my friends budgie, Biddybe. She is a rescue, and its taken THREE patient years for her to become tame like this! Please could you experts out there tell me as much as you can about her breeding/type? Many thanks in advance, Anne http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb79/BE...nt=185B7CF2.jpg
  13. Oooh, let me squeeze thaqt pimple for you, go on, let me!
  14. You are welcome Norm, I could not keep this to myself, and have posted it on many other boards. Please cross post and use my pictures if you use other boards also. I am just thankful that I am reporting a very near miss, and not an actual death. But if they is kept in circulation as it is current;y designed, its only gping to be a matter of time before a death occurs, if it hasnt already.
  15. Just recently, a little budgie, Philip came into my birdless world. I bought him (amongst many others, THIS toy He got his neck trapped in the gap between the pinch-seed cup and the edges of the toy, HERE In what must have been his struggle to free himself, he ended up exactly as the sketch below portrays...HORRIFIC, isnt it. I managed to free him in time to save his life because I was able to push the pinch seed cup out of the way and release his trapped neck As you will see from the sketch, Philip would have DIED horribly had I not been in the room when he got caught. If you have this toy, it is vital to the life of your bird that you remove the tray, and also the flimsy wire and beads on the mirror. It is a lot safer then. Philip nearly fied, please dont let his sickening accident happen to any of your birds.
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