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Hey guys!

First time using this forum myself.

Outside I have an aviary with 4 budgies at the moment, 1 male, 3 females. Not long ago, 1 of originally 5 died because I was at a camp and my father didn't feed them :(.

Today i went to buy a couple of males but all the pet stores in the areas stocks are out. So I bought the last 2 females in town and the lady said as they have been inside in the store the whole time I needed to keep them inside over night and put them outside in the morning so they have the whole day to adjust to the cold (it's a cold winter here in the Adelaide hills). But the problem is my small cage I never use is very rusty. All the wire is rust. I had no choice so both are in there with a little plastic ladder and 2 branches, food and water. I am just keeping them in there overnight and if it is way to cold the next few days i will not mind keeping them in there. Will it be safe? I no they shouldn't be with rust but will it matter just tonight? They aren't moving around much as they are still very frightened that they have completely moved surroundings. But is it too urgent? With my next lot of budgies I''l probably buy a small new cage any way just to keep over night but it is just this time is the first I have kept them inside. They're both natural colours (Green and yellow) one nearly completely yellow as the colours are mixed not separate and the other has a milky colour to it but has the black sort of back.



thanks =)



Also I think buying more budgies will help as my budgies always have trouble cuddling up and sleeping on sticks. they end up flying around the place and hang on the wall all night.


Thanks again =)

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