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Grevilleas And Other Plants

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I have read the budgies can eat grevilleas, do they just eat the flower or can they eat the plant as well? Would it also be safe for cockatiels to eat if the budgies can? Also is it all types of grevilleas, or just some?


I give my budgies eucalyptus leaves, what other native Australian plants can I give them and is it only the flower that can be given or the whole plant?



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I give my budgies and cockatiels eucalyptus and bottle brush branches. They love these and spend a lot of time stripping the bark off and nibbling on the leaves. They relish chewing on small gumnuts attached to the branches as well. I haven’t given them the flowers of these plants, or tried any other Australian native plants at this stage. So not sure about grevilleas.

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Hi and thanks for the reply, I have given my bird eucalyptus and bottle brush before and they enjoyed it.

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