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Hi all,

Im wondering if my budgies are english in the pictures below and if there vents need trimming for the breeding season? I have heard about many people doing it but have never tried it before... is it worth it? Would love to hear the success rates between the two :)










(dont know if these images will work)

Thanks, Will

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Hi Willem, Your birds appear a good size, therefore they are as English as you want them to be, its all kinda relative to their size and appearance what denotes an English bird or show bird. Yours do not appear small birds by any means, especially if you have seen the size of the Australian bush budgies, they are tiny the size a bit bigger than your thumb.


As for trimming the vents for breeding, a lot of show breeders do that procedure, they would likely only do it because at some stage someone would have proved it more succesful, however I haven't ever done it myself. and have still had a good fertility success rate, and i'm sure there is no one doing it out there for all the wild birds, and they seem to get on alright, so leave it to you to decide, sometimes less is best.



Below is a picture of your typical English type show bird, something to compare your birds with.



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Cheers for your reply, I think i will just leave them for now haha the should be right.. English budgies are quite big though!

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