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Green Ants

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Hi guys, I live in cairns. Here we have these awful green ants. They are large, white/clear bodies with light green bums. They are do hard to get rid of and they are aggressive.

They are now taking the water from my budgies in the aviary!

They come running at me to attack me if I go out there.


Anyone have any tips???

Hosing they off doesn't exactly work. They are incredibly strong ants and can withhold a lot of pressure from the house and when blasted off they just come right back.

I haven't been giving my budgies fruits lately due to these bloody ants!


We have been away for about 5 months, so a friend had them. Now we are back and I got my babies back and the ants are back again within days!!

I couldn't get rid of them before. I was hoping I wouldn't have this issue again!


What do you suggest?

Thanks! :)

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G,day , two things you can try is sprinkle baby power on them and if that dont work try cooking salt . I dont know whats in the baby powder but it kills the little black ants pretty quick and i've seen cooking salt kill weeds and cockaroachs .

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As your in Cains they are most likely some type of tropical ant. Do you know or can you ring a vet or farm/produce store e.g. that may know how to get rid of them. Do you know where their nest is? I'd say you have to treat them at the nest to be successful.

If you only have a few birds, you would have to move them out of cage/aviary until you treat it, as a lot of toxic stuff could affect your birds.

Ants will also invade nest box's so you don't want to have your chicks attacked either.

Maybe you could even "Google" for a remedy if you can identify the type of ant you have.. Let us know how you go.

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