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Blast From The Past - What's Your Favourite Type Of Budgie?

What's your favourite type of Budgie  

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So, one great thing about this forum is that it has been around for donkeys years and there are heaps of old topics that are really helpful. There are others that are really funny, and others that just never went anywhere... What I'm going to attempt to do with this is post links to some topics from the past that I think should be revived and given a second breath of life. P.S. some are so old that the members names are listed as 'Guest' and some of the pictures may have been deleted.


To start us off here is a link to a thread that talks about American and English type budgies - as you can see from the very beginning of time this has been a topic that has confused or annoyed many people:




So what's your favourite type of budgie? As you can see I added another option...

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Hahaha you are a stirrer JimmyBanks. :D


We need some of the original members to comment like Kaz, although I think I know what they would say.

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She comes on still just doesn't post. I've gotta say I was looking at the moderators and Administrators profiles today. Poor Kaz was the only one that had come on here for the last few days... I like how I made the poll public so we can see people like Budgie_Mad who voted for American. LOL.

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There is Exhibition, Miniature Exhibition, pet type and wild type. There is also the Japanese helicopter crest type. No such thing as English or American.


The term English became outdated when Germany surpassed England in producing Exhibition budgerigars for the first time in the 1990s. Exhibition birds simply aren't called English anymore.


The term American comes from the idea that America is the center of the entire world so if a budgerigar is not "English" it must be American. How many common colour varieties of pet type birds originated in America? America's contribution of colour varieties to the budgerigar world is small compared to Europe or Australia.


The case for calling pet type budgerigars American is extremely weak.

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