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Materials For Outdoor Aviary Frame

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I'm looking at building an outdoor aviary for my budgies and need some advice.


I've got a number of ideas for a design which incorporates my list of mandatory features (ie. double security door, vermin/snake proofing, partially covered roof, concrete floor), but I'm looking at what materials I can use for the frame.


I've looked at buying an existing metal aviary or shed and modifying it, but they are quite flimsy and probably wouldn't stand up to the strong winds we can get. Basically I need to have a really strong frame which I can easily attach wire mesh and colorbond sheeting to.


I've found suitable galvanised steel tubing which can be connected with plastic joiners (so no welding required), but this limits the design options and is also probably more $$$. I'm looking at timber frames as well, but not sure what sort of untreated timber to use. Some of my budgies love to chew so I'd expect them to try and chew the frame even I provide other things to chew.


Has anyone used untreated timber for their aviary frame, and if so what sort of timber was it?



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You would be okay, with a garden shed modifying it. You can stiffen the whole thing using wood or metal.


the steel sheds are made to stand the weight of the roof, which is quite amazing. once you remove the sheets of iron you will need to use C-Channeled steel on the edges, pop rivet 4 of the same size as your cut out windows for mesh top bottom and both side this should stiffen the shed.


You can then pop rivet your wire mesh to the C-channeled steel frame.


You can dyno bolted your shed into a slab of cement some steel L plates.


How many meters you wanna go?


You are better of starting with a garden shed, much cheaper than manufacturing your own frame, then colour bonding it.


found this thread for you.


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Damn internet access, only been able to reply now...


Thanks L__J, I'm looking a a 10m2 size aviary, but haven't found a suitable size shed that doesn't cost the earth. I've thought through it some more and think I've got a suitable plan to build one at a reasonable cost. I just need to make sure the frame is strong enough.

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the frames of the sheds are very strong. if you are not confident you can brace it with steel some more.


buy a second hand shed, try find 2 of the same shed and you can join them together.


I picked up a aluminum shed a few weeks ago for 40 dollars from a garage sale. reassembled it in the yard no problem.


Sad thing is its not for my birds.


But the roof on my shed has been braced with 4 by two timber.


My aviary is kinda braced as well I used timber on a angle to support my perches on each side.

so its very much sturdy.


using that C channeled steel will make were you have cut sturdy. and you will be able to pop rivet it in then screw your bird wire mesh to the front.

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