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Just Came Home From Vet- Advice Needed

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Hello some of you may have read my last post asking about my Leroy - unfortunately there was nothing she could do so I have to make the hard decision of having him put to sleep.

On a happier note I have adopted another babie - named Ollie. He is doing very well and is already quite tame after only being here for 2 wks. Today I noticed that he had lice so I rang the vet and made an appointment. Well we're back home now and I'm a little concerned. I'm pretty sure the vet used ivomectin (sp.?) but he put more than 1 drop on and he put it on his nose !!!!!! Everywhere I read its on the back of the neck. He is obviously not happy - he has eaten since we've been home - will he be okay having something so potent put on his nose? I need some urgent assurance !!! Thank you.

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It's fine don't panic,i use the sheep ivermectin i have discussed the use with my vet and the instructions where to give one drop orally per bird.I also apply a drop on the base of the tail,after treatment they are obviously not happy but they get over it.

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Thanks for the reply I feel alot better now :)

He's sitting in his cage tweeting now.

I just started to really worry as after the vet put it on he then went on to say how sometimes budgies can have a reaction ...

So I wasn't feeling totally confident. The vet isn't an avian vet but I went to him as he is only around the corner from me.


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