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Changed Behavior, Droppings - Does He Have Liver Disease?

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Hello, I haven't been on this forum for ages! Leroy is going to be 3 in January and all has been going well, until now.


He loves his varied diet - he has veggies or fruit everyday, along with seed.


For the last week or so he has been extremely quiet and sleeping a lot.

He seemed to have diarrhea and when I looked at his bottom, he's pulled all the feathers out and his vent was covered over. So after a google search, I found on Barrie's budgies to wash it with a soap with a cotton bud (I used moogoo shampoo) and to put a thin coating of Vaseline on it.

I've been doing this for about 5 days twice a day, and it seems to have helped. His vent is now clean, but still bald hehe!!! But his droppings are still funny. They are more solid, but quite large and dark - not like the normal little round ones. He has also been drinking ALOT! I normally only see his take a drink once or twice a day.


I'm worried he has liver disease and I read that milk thistle extract can be added to the water.

I'm not sure if all extracts are the same or how much I should add to his water.

I live in a unit and I don't have access to the plant.


He's dropped alot of weight, and his breast bone can be felt and quiet prominent.

There is an avian vet in my area, but I'm not sure he is up to the travel. He's never been in the car and he won't let anyone but me touch him.


Last night he came out, and he had a little crash (he's not the worlds best flyer) and he bled from his nose and mouth. I thought we were going to loose him, We were able to clean him up and thankfully he made it through the night. This has never happened before - is it all related?


On a side note, my dog is sick, he's a golden oldie, we're very lucky he's made it to 18, - and Leroy and him are great buddies. All of this has started happening since my dogs been unwell. I think Leroy knows and he's depressed.


Please don't think I'm a bad pet owner. I would do anything for my babies :(


All advise will be taken on board. Thank you in advance.





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Hi I think he needs to see a vet ASAP sounds like there is something internal happening.

Cheers Jenny

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Hi Sorry your bird is poorly. A trip to the vet is the best advice.....B.J

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LeRoy needs to get to a good avian vet quickly. It may not be liver disease at all. A number of things could cause his sickness - a blocked gizzard/intestines comes to mind perhaps.

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