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Hello. My male parakeet seems really lonely now that the female is incubating the eggs, so i think that i should help him by giving him my company. when i talk to him he sort of tweets back to me, i dont know if this means anything but it makes me feel good. I just wish he would trust my hand, but i dont know how to get him to. once in a while, if i put my hand by his belly he will stand on it briefly, but sometimes he just flies away, and other times he pecks at my hand. However, if he is out of the cage, he will stand on my hand for longer periods of time, but my house is not very safe for him to fly around in. I dont know what to do but i want to help him, and for him to trust me. help? thank you.

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Hi Spencer. I'm sorry I didn't see this question before. It's been a month now, so those eggs have probably hatched into growing chicks. That would keep your cock busy, so he shouldn't be lonely any more. I was going to mention that when a pair is breeding, you shouldn't take them in and out of the cage for play time. The cock may seem bored, but his job is to feed the hen, since she is in the box and won't come out a whole lot for eating and drinking. (She'll come out some, but the more the cock feeds her, the better. You might also keep a piece of millet in the box for her.)


Some people don't put toys in breeding cages, but I always put in a few, and especially a swing. It gives the cock something to do, and the toys are good for the chicks to experience when they fledge.


When the chicks are grown and your pair isn't breeding anymore, that would be a good time to work on building trust with your birds. Getting him used to your hand like you have been doing is a good start. Maybe you can check around your house to make it more bird safe, and then they can spend more time out of the cage with you.


Good luck. Let us know how the chicks are coming along. :)

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