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Unkept Vent On My Baby Budgie. Please Help.

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Hi, I have had Boris since Sunday and have noticed he does not clean his vent and it looks unkept.

He is eating and happy drinking chirping.

The pet shop will pay for vet fees if he is ill, so was wondering do you think he is ill? And what could it be.

His poos are looking okay from what I have read of how they should look like.

Thank you for any input.



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Hello With any poo problems. It's better to take your bird & a sample of poo For examination.

Pet shop are on the whole not very healthy places. No quarantine for instance....B.J.

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Thank you, I have talked to my vet who seems to think it may be he is settling in, if i am still worried by Monday he said to take him in for a check over : )


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