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My little girl Jazzy is about 2 1/2 months old, have had her for 3 weeks now.

She is good with her food, not fussy and not scared to try new things.

The thing is, she is such a skinny little runt!

I can not get any weight on her and she is only 32 grams.


Has anyone got any suggestion as to why she would be so small? I assume some budgies are just small(er) but she is skinny, not just small in stature.....


She gets seed, has access to pellets and eats them, egg and biscuit mix, some bread a few times a week, greens every day (they vary).

Have not tried her yet on whole egg and pasta/rice etc


On another note, I did not want a female budgie and was a little disappointed when I fairly soon after getting her realised she really was a girl but boy, she is so adorable and so entertaining :-D

She loves her toys and looooooooves taking baths :-D The only thing not-very-budgie-like lol is, that she does not like her swing ;-D

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Hi Budgies like people come in all shapes & sizes. Your feeding he right so no worries there ,

except you forgot to mention fruit... The swing perhaps when she's older, maybe she thinks

it isn't safe..........B.J.

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Lol she is inquisitive enough, just not keen on either the swinging motion or the beads perhaps so might remove them (they are on the sides of the swing)

Yes she gets a bit of fruit, apple so far. I have never had birds keen on fruit so always forget to give the newbies the opportunity to try some ;-) Cockatiels are not normally keen on fruit but I know a friend who has a budgie that absolutely adores strawberries so I guess I will try a few different kinds of fruit on my budgies :-)

Thanks BJ

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