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Hi all, this is my first time posting here so if this is in the wrong spot, I apologize, but I thought i'd share this!


This afternoon, I was outside hanging out some washing and my dogs started barking like mad from behind their fence. I turned around expecting to see a stray dog or cat, but couldn't see a thing. I looked at the ground and there was a little blue budgie waddling around, nibbling at the grass.


He wouldn't allow me to pick him up then, he kept flying away, and I didn't want the dogs to get to him so I grabbed a towel and captured him that way. I cleaned and set up one of my spare cages (I breed and raise cockatiels) and put him in there, gave him some food and water, covered him with a towel and let him be.


Not too long ago, I moved him to a bit bigger cage, and he stepped up onto my finger without a care in the world. Before I put him in the bigger cage, I chatted to him for a minute and had him step up on my fingers. He had no interest in flying away or biting, so he's pretty well tame.


Tomorrow after work i'm going to go door knocking along my street and put some flyers up, as this little guy appears to be someone's pet.


This is my first time being in the company of a budgie, so it's all new to me. He's so much lighter in weight than my cockatiels!


So i'm curious.. If by chance nobody claims him, i'll keep him, so i'm curious as to whether or not budgies get along with cockatiels? It's okay if it's not a good idea, I have plenty of spare cages so setting one up properly for him wouldn't be a problem.


Also, what do they typically eat? I'll try him with some veggies tomorrow night when I cook dinner, but for now he's just got some seed.


If there's anything else you think I should know, feel free to tell me!

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Well seed and water are really all he she needs

Is it a boy or girl post a picture and we will tell you I am not sure if budgies and cockatiels get along keep them separate for now

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Hi I find my budgies are keen to investigate the larger birds (I own both as well) but the cockatiels are not normally keen but I have heard of tiels and budgies happily living together though so it is just mine that don't get along haha


I feed my budgies the same seed mix as the tiels (which is budgie seed mix with small oats) but don't give the budgies sunflower seeds though.

All the greens you feed your tiels you can give this little guy too and they loooooove millet :-)

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Hi, soon I'm getting a package that contains a basic diet that everyone should follow, and then change slightly to their individual birds diet requirements (some budgies need more iron, some need more protein, you get the picture) and I'll be messaging/emailing each individual member of this forum the seasonal recipes, because in the wild, birds eat different amounts of different foods at different season :) so with all of these, you just make it all at the start of the season, and then freeze it all and use a portion every day :)


For now, feed seeds, fresh fruit/veg, and maye hard boiled egg with shell and wholegrain pasta :) it is proven, that with most birds, a bird on seed doesn't even live a quarter the age of what it should, moving to a pelleted diet, moves it to half the lifespan, with hard boiled eggs, pasta, veggies, fruit etc. three quarters, and then with this new diet with all this scientific research, should let a bird live to its full :)


I'm not sure if I'm interpreting the information incorrectly, but I do know for a fact, that it changes a birds life and attitude a lot :)

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How did this budgie go

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