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Hi guys,


I recently signed up to this forum a couple of days ago, and it was good timing that I did.


This evening I was in the CBD area of Melbourne with a couple of friends, and we found an eclectus parrot in the middle of a laneway. It was looking pretty sad and many of the commuters passing by on their way to the train station were just walking past it and taking photos on their iphones... argh. :( I picked it up with a tea towel and put it in a box (both of which I borrowed from a nearby shop). I have absolutely no experience in dealing with large birds and I thought the tea towel was necessary as I did not really want to freak the bird out or get bitten by that huge beak. We offered it some water (which it drank), it's wings were both clipped, and I assume that it had fell out of a window of one the city apartment complexes. I tried to get through to the rspca emergency line twice but got no response. I left my details with the buildings security, and my friends and I took the bird to the nearest 24 hour vet, (I do not think it was an avian vet, but I was unsure of what else to do). As I do not drive I had to take the poor thing in a taxi, and apart from a few squarks, he was pretty well behaved :). I was able to get a bit of a close look at it, and I think (I am no expert) that the bottom part of it's beak had been smashed or broken, as it would not close properly, and was making funny clicking and grinding noises. There was also some blood around the beak area, and the feet did not seem to be moving properly or pointing in the right direction... At the vets I had to sign him (who we temporarily christened Fred) over.


I plan to give them a call in the upcoming days to see how he is, I have also posted an ad on gumtree in case the owner is looking.


Anything I could have done differently? Anything I should still do? I hope he will be okay, he seems to have a fighting spirit :)

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i can't believe people just watched on as this bird just sat there in obvious distress!

i wish there were more people like you.


i don't know much about eclectus parrot's but so far what you've done so far is probably the best that anyone in your situation could've done.

this is a budgie forum and seeing as though you recently joined, there was definitly no harm in posting on here but you may get some better responses from a forum that talks about a wider variety of domesticated birds.


good luck!

keep us posted.



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Poor thing. She/He's probably injured himself in a fall.


Also, ring around the avian vets in the area. (not the normal vets). Tell them you've found the bird and they could check their patient/customer records to see if an eclectus meeting the description has been treated by an avian vet so they may be able to trace who it belongs to. An avian vet office may also be able to advise you where to place a Found Eclectus notice online.


When I found my budgie, my local avian vet's receptionist gave me a list of things to do to try to find the owner.


Ask the local shopkeepers if they would place a Found Parrot note in their windows, especially if there's a corner store nearby where you found him. If you do that, make sure any caller can describe the bird. There are a lot of crook people out there.


Hope he gets back home.

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I know it's a bit weird, but I've always wanted to rescue an injured bird... It's always taken my fancy... I was almost there once, I was on a paddock in my Pops farm and there was an injured Galah I think it was, and a snake came along and ate it... fortunately, the ute was close by and I shot the snake (it was showing aggression towards me) I think it was a tiger snake....

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