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As most of you know Molly my budgie was a rescue and has some health issues which means she can't fly at all and just drops like a stone. Ive been keeping my eye out for wire platforms that you see in rat cages and was wondering if anyone knows were I could get these without purchasing a rat cage. At the moment we have a series of ladders set up so she can sit on them easier but would like to get some wire platforms just to make it a bit more easier for her, and it means I can hang toys at different levels too not just from the top of the cage. Anyone know were I might find these, Ive asked pet stores and they say you have to purchase a cage as well.

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What sized platforms are you after. I *think* I have some bits and pieces off old cages which I'm happy for you to have. Let me know what you need and I'll try and find what I have.

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