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April 2010 Budgie Of The Month Entries

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Put in your best entry for Budgie of the Month.


Every one has until the end of each month (U.S. Time EST) to enter a picture.


Members vote at the beginning of the month to chose who will be the winner. You can win only 1 time within the year so for example if you won March Budgie of the Month then your pictures can not be qualifed to win again. This prevents 1 member winning all the time and makes it fair since each and every one of us have different talents with our camera :raincloud: .

One picture per member per month. Please remember to keep to the board rules of maximum, pictures should not exceed 480x640 AND links will not be accepted ONLY images. If this is not met then you picture will not be accepted (notification of non acceptance is not guaranteed).


Any post you make to this thread will not show up so please do not repost. Do not post questions on this thread if you have a question you can either PM me or post in the Competition Area, thank you.


Good luck to all that enter.


Winners are recognized for the whole month and a Budgie of the Month Picture (example below) is is added to their signature line and it is removed after the month is over and is added to the next winners signature line. :unsure: Click HERE to see all the different emblems that are used. They have been created by our own BBC members and we appreciate their help.



created by mysixbabies


Also note that all monthly winning pictures will be automatically added to the Budgie of the Year fpr 2010.


To check out "2008 Budgie of the Year" CLICK HERE OR "2009 Budgie of the Year" CLICK HERE

(NOTE: you can only win 1 month per year to make it fair for all members, so example if you win Jan then you are not elibgible to win for the remaining months of that present year)


Important Information: if you are the Budgie of the Month and are entered in the Budgie of the Year your original photo most stay up and not be moved, deleted, or link broken, this is the only way we can verifiy that that photo was the winner, if you decide to move, delete the photo your photo is disqualified from the Budgie of the Year Competition.

Interested in our Monthly 2009 Winners? CLICK HERE and feel free to look, this is a readme only post, to congratulate the winner feel free to click on the CLICK HERE to Congratulate Link in this thread under the photo.



Read here on how to post pictures within guide regulation Photo Regulations/How to Post


TIPS on taking good pictures that WIN

  • Make sure you have good lighting, the best is in the daylight without a flash
  • Try and take your budgie's picture without the bar cages, many camera's will let you zoom in and you can put the lense between the space
  • If it is a close-up use your macro setting (symbolized on some camera's by a flower) and then press the shutter button 1/2 way and let it focus
  • If the picture is blurry check your setting and try again
  • Make sure you resize your pictures to message board size (640x480) too small of pictures are hard to see
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