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Hi everyone I just found this thread and think it's a really good idea. I've enjoyed seeing what everyone else here looks like so I thought it is only fair that I share some pics of me.


So here is what I look like!



One of the only photos of myself that I could find where I am smiling!!!!


I am on the left. This was taken the night of my 20th birthday (Jan 13) so I am extra happy because I got shouted food and drinks all of that day :P




me thinking I am cool





& another picture. Looking unimpressed because I was trying to take a nice picture of my partner & I and he kept pulling faces :budgiedance:

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You look cool and gorgeous :D


Tell your partner that unless we see a picture showing him looking gorgeous ....we think he's pretty goofy looking :D :budgiedance: ( we know he's not, but we need PROOF ) :P

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so very nice to met you and your partner :rofl:

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Cool pics Utrav0x! There are some of me about the forum in previous threads I have posted .... quite a few of my bum too!!! ^_^


I can't say I have a really nice one to put here .... I'll look around, but I think it involves scanning a photocopied one of my hubby and I together .... probable end up looking fuzzy! :huh:

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at last, someone who does as much/if not more colourful make-up than myself!

looks awesome dude.

Edited by Ellie
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