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Found Non Budgie Birds Springvale Melbourne

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- Stray galah found on chelsea heights motorway about a km from Springvale Rd. Not very friendly, but we still think she's a pet because she came up to the guy who handed her in, and she's not very freaked out by being in a cage or picked up in a towel. She had subcutaneous emphysaema when she was found, and has had a week of antibiotics.


- Stray white ringneck dove found somewhere near Springvale.


- Two stray cockatiels, not really sure of the colour, is dilute silver a colour? Found in different areas on same day but look very similar, so could be from same or different owners. One has a fractured humerus.


So we'll bandage the broken wing to the body and hope it heals and give him some painkillers.



If you think the birds are yours or you would be intrested in adopting them please let me know.

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Thank you from all bird lovers A.V., love your work

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can i add in here av if i may

also found two to three days ago in the gipsland area one young love bird peach orange face with blue rump

and grey across face and then orange on chest also was a pet as does not bite and is going to cage on own

any inquireys pm me thanks

and thanks av :D just thought i would put it out here as well as around town

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